Joelyn Speaks: Events – Pokemon Championships

From my previous posts, I believe there was one that featured the PokeGym in e2Max, The Cathay. So after the video games and accumulating stuff for the season, we decided to go down to the Pokemon Championships for Video Games, set up by the cool folks from Team Robo.

We went on the first day, 12th June, and it was ALREADY PACKED. It was packed full of gamers down there for the tournament.

So there were two major events for the championship, one was the Trading Card Game, and the other was the Video Games, which we (The Self, Sarah, Raven, Avariel & Mintea) joined.

Like the way things work in the PokeGym, we had to sign up for a card to make sure that our Pokemon were not overpowered and stuff. Then we all had to queue up for the Wii machine so that we could connect our DS Lites to the machine.

The system we were hooking on to.

We got 32 points to fill before we got the Elite 4 Medals (which we were aiming for because they were shiny. HAHA.) and we all had 2 stamps if we won, 1 stamp if we didn’t.

So we were looking at 16 times at the queues with the snaking line of people.

Bird’s eye view of the snaking line.

The AdCrew went twice because as Raven put it nicely, queuing up for three hours for two 10 minute games won’t get us nor anyone else the points. Plus we didn’t have runners getting us lunch. HAHA.

Most of the people lining up were kids though and they were really well-behaved. Excited and loud maybe, but really well-behaved. There was only one incident of this lil boy wailing but that was because he had been waiting for so long only to realise that he didn’t read the rules properly though in the end he was given a chance, which was good.

One peeve that I got for that day was the fact that while these kids were all excited to play the video games, they weren’t whiny and sore loser-ish about losing or waiting really long for a short game. They were just there to have their shot of fun. But while I was up first, I was against this teenager, possibly about 14 to 15 years old? And I knocked out his trump card in a shot.

He lost, half-hearted accepted my handshake and GRIPED ABOUT THE WHOLE THING FOR THE NEXT QUEUE.

Even the kids who were his waist height were telling him to shut up about it. I was impressed. What irritated me was the fact that he was really chauvanistic about it. I could accept that he was just really young and ultra competitive so hence, his behaviour. But I couldn’t stand how he was like…

“Such a loser! Losing to a girl!”
“Oh yeah, I lost to a girl just now but that didn’t count!”

Mintea was telling me how annoyed she was feeling as well.

Over to positive notes, the lil boy whom I ended up flash winning unintentionally took it really well. The rest of the gang also had fun. They were battling each other (through the games) and Raven bought us all drinks.

It’s ears can move!

Pikachu, Misty and Ash made an appearance. Le cuteness =).

Overall, it was a fun experience, my first tournament and stuff. Though I thought they were probably weren’t prepared for so many people for the video games section. Most of them were kids who probably didn’t know it was a competition and stuff.

So there were like 700 legendaries popping up from different kids and a lot of them ended up having restricted teams because they didn’t read the rules of the maximum of 1 legendary in each team.

But other than that, it was great. Look forward to the next one, Team Robo! =)

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