Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind

Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: Joelyn’s Book Bites: #1:24

Eternal Sights

I realised that this was supposed to be published but it ended up staying in the post box. Oops!

Pre-Malacca holiday post here, so I’ll make it short so that I can elaborate on this when I come back.

It should be enjoyable, something true to the author, readable and conveys a message… REGARDLESS OF GENRE

This is the definition of good literature according to the Happy Smiley Writers Group/ Adventure Crew.

No, we’re not being bitter or anything. But that’s a fact, isn’t it? Literature is something to be appreciated and enjoyed through the beauty of the writing and the plot of the entire piece of work. But why are the works defined as “Literature” such a pain to the masses and the substantially good works that academics diss as being mainstream commercial writings something that most readers can relate to?

To set the establishment of this discussion, I would just like to state for the record that I make these opinions based on most mainstream adult fiction (Stieg Larsson, Sam Bourne, Nora Roberts, Terry Pratchett etc…) and not stuff like Twilight and The Immortals. These serials tend to be popular due to the appeal to the younger crowd, not so much on the solidity and content of the stories itself.

So now that that has been established. I would just like to end this post by bringing up a comment made by my Literature teacher when I was still back in Secondary School:

“To gain more points and understanding in Literature, you have to find a way to relate to the piece,”

So if I can relate to Chuck Palahniuk but not Oscar Wilde, am I not appreciative of Literature?

P/S – I love Wilde’s “Picture of Dorian Gray” by the way, I’m just illustrating an example.

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