Joelyn Speaks: Events – The Great Big Zombie Apocalypse

I’ll start this post with just one word:


A few weeks ago, Sarah, Mintea and Avariel attended the Great Big Zombie Flash Mob held in Orchard road. To refresh your memory, here’s Sarah’s and Mintea’s take on them.

While they had the Flash Mob and all, it was all in promotion for this independent film made by a group of zombie enthusiasts and hence…

Raven, her Starbucks & the poster.

Sarah, Avariel, Raven and I headed down to National Library’s Imagination Room for the movie itself. We were early so let me give you a little side show that will probably show how high we are naturally on oxygen.


NLB’s Imagination Room is situated on the 5th level of the building, the same level where the study area and this exhibit of the old National Library building was.

Within the exhibits, there was a brick with the word “Alexandra” embossed on it. Sarah, being the curious person that she was, thought the glass panel in front of the brick was non-existent and that the brick was available to feel.

So her fingers went forward and…


*dead silence for two seconds*

At this time, Sarah looked the other way and I walked away from her, laughing inaudibly. Same thing happened for her.

We didn’t catch our breath until about 2-3 minutes later


Okay, so back to the post. We finally got into the Imagination Room, where they had already set up food and refreshments for us, together with a readily set up projection screen for the movie.

While waiting for the movie to happen, the gang started brewing the base of the soup that we call “Project El Nino” for STGCC, which is to come at the end of this year.

But soon, the cast and crew all came, spoke and the movie went on.

Movie-wise, we thought it was pretty interesting, knowing that it was only filmed over 28 hours with minimal budget. We thought the lines were really amusing (The first guy who gets killed off only had three lines, we’ll leave you to the YouTube video to find out when it gets launched) and the action was there.

By the end of it all, they had cake and champagne for the rest of the cast.

Director Dale Yeoh and his Crew.

But I must say, it’s encouraging to see people doing something that they love and reaping the fruits of their labour. According to Sarah, it’s as if they were the film making version of HSWG: Striving to what they believed in.

There weren’t any zombies, but the videos of the bloopers, Zombie Flash Mob and a collection of times the cast and crew swore was really funny.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. =)

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