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Book Bites: SPORE Con 2010

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As mentioned before, Sarah Coldheart and Rozen were going to be part of a SFF (Science-Fiction & Fantasy) writers panel for SPORE Con 2010, as organised by Paradigm Infinitum. So as Sarah and Rozen went and spoke at the panel, Mintea, Avariel and I went there as their entourage.

Up to the conference hall =)
Upon entrance.

Jolantru, Rozen and a few others were already there, with Rozen setting up with “Happiness At the End of the World”. All on sale.

Out for sale =)

The conference was pretty casual but covered a few points. To make the entire thing brief, the conference was to cover the existence of SFF writers, or rather, genre fiction writers in Singapore…


Here were some of the points we gathered… which I may pick up on future blog posts:

  • What is the Singaporean literary identity?
  • Is Asian Literature only considered overseas if it talks about Asia and only Asia?
  • Is genre fiction only marketable overseas? Why so?
  • Why is genre fiction by Asian writers so difficult to break into the market? (Something remotely related here)
  • What should we do? Community presence? Online presence?
  • Should we even be restricting ourselves to writing as a Singaporean Writer or just a Writer? (I’d pick the latter, professionally)
  • Are we, as a result of online publishing and free fiction, breeding a population of “cheapskates”? (POTENTIAL POST)

Discussion done and dusted though, Mintea and I got to do readings of our own short stories within the “Happiness at the End of the World” anthology. Which resulted in us getting a few sales and signing a few of them. Oh yes, and Congratulations to Jolantru on her first ever signing! =)

Rozen and the rest of the participants had to go off but we decided to go down to the main hall, where the Con was officially going on. Poor Raven Silvers was done with her training and already waiting for us while we indulged in this new game:

Analog Cooking Mama much?
Lina’s pan. She won. Working in a lab helps with seasoning =)

It was le fun. And Sarah said her signature “GEE” a few times because she couldn’t get her seasoning out. HAH. Apologies to Raven Silvers for making her wait though =(.

Though we were there for just a while, we still had fun. Looks like we’ll be paying a visit to the fine people of Paradigm Infinitum soon =) Board Games are just as cool as the ones we play on DS Lites. HEE.

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