Joelyn Speaks: Activites – PokeGym

We’ve already been to this place a couple of times but because of the “Pokemon-gaming” state of mind we’re in, I’ve decided to feature this for Joelyn Speaks this week.

So if you were born before 1998 or so, you probably would have known about this anime/ game/ trading card game known as Pokemon.

The Adventure Crew (Sarah, Mintea, Raven, Avariel and yours truly) are all in the Pokemon craze. We have been for the past decade or so. Okay well, not all of us but we’re all on the latest HeartGold/ SoulSilver Versions at the moment.

While we’re all in our individual gaming worlds, Sarah got wind of the news that there was Pokemon Gym in Singapore. Being the Adventure Crew that we were, we headed down to E2Max at The Cathay.

It was quite amusing, because there was the Video Games section and the Trading Card Games section, the latter being highly popular. So after jotting down our names and stuff to register for the Video Games, we were given something to indicate our identity as “trainers”.

The Trainer Card. Photo courtesy of Sarah Coldheart

Because we’re the video gamers, we were supposed to fill in the right side of the card. We were not really into the TCG at that moment. So we headed towards the other side of E2Max only to find out that we’re not just video gaming through our Nintendo DS Lites, our Nintendo DS Lites were connecting through Wi-Fi so that the battle can be conducted via Wii on Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Check it out!

Mintea and Avariel and their battle on the Wii Screen. Photo Courtesy of Sarah Coldheart.

So that’s pretty much the gist of what goes on. After that it was just setting our own rules (Usually the “Lvl 50 All” rule so that there’s no disadvantage and stuff) before the game was on. The loser of the match leaves the game and the winner continues until he/ she well, loses.

Remember the Trainer Card at the first picture? For every match played, you get one signature. The moment you complete a row, you get to exchange it for prizes and stuff. Sweet.

For more information on the gym, you can check ’em out here. They’re called Team Robo.

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