Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Upcoming plans for HSWG

Goodness we haven’t had a Happy Smiley Writers Group meeting in a long time!

This session was done in TCC Funan, with Rozen, Sarah Coldheart, Mintea, Raven Silvers, the self and Avariel being our publicist/ PR photographer for the day.

Getting our drinks and stuff (No, Sarah didn’t get LUSICIOUS BONDING, darn it!), we started to get to business while Avariel went around taking pictures for the Media Kit. (Oops!)

So here’s a few things for the great peeps who have been keeping tabs on the Happy Smiley Writers Group (HSWG):

1. The collaborative Novel

We’ve been brooding over this for a long time but it’ll something’ll be up soon, we promise. It’s going fine so at the mean time, if you have yet to download our uploaded Prologue, do so here.

2. Media Kit

I gave this away from the get-go. But it will come =).

3. Anthologies, anthologies, anthologies

Just as one is still quite young in the market, we’re already having one in the works. Stay tuned for the next National Novel Writing Month for this!

The last time they had a meeting like so, I had dengue. So you could say that it was a crazy month or so before I met Rozen again. Nonetheless, all that talk, together with the discussions about the Ash Cloud affecting Rozen and NotKieran’s work, it was all great fun.

Next meeting will be come up next week, can’t wait so stay tuned!

P/S – Thank you all for your support for the HSWG!

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