Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Perkelahan Layang

The title’s Malay for Kite Picnic, which the Adventure Crew and the self did the day before the IP Originals Race (or something along that line). After putting things off because of unpredictable weather in the recent weeks/ months, the Adventure Crew (Sarah Coldheart, Raven Silvers, Mintea, Avariel & the self) finally managed to put together our Picnic date!

We met nice and early (for lunch, that is), at Marina Bay MRT station with all the foodage on us. We were all complaining that everyone brought too much food. In summary, this was the buffet for the day:

Sarah Coldheart – Pita Bread & Bagels
Raven Silvers – Sushi
Mintea – Homemade Curry Puffs (which were the fastest to go off!!!)
Avariel – Chocolate cookies
Yours Truly – Tuna-Egg Salad

The foodage!
After the rampage of the hungry people.

Quote Sarah, it was kinda like the “scared-not-enough” syndrome that everyone had, so we all had excess. Nigella Lawson would be so proud. HAHA. We ended up taking shelter near a group of Girl Brigades on their leadership training day, next to the water features and just under the shelter to shield us from the sun and just at the right corner to catch the wind.

We got stuffed quite quickly, mostly due to the fact that there were only five of us and SO MUCH FOOD! So Sarah and Avariel headed towards the open area at the first level of the Marina Barrage to start the Layang action. I don’t have a kite but Raven and Mintea both bought kites and had to set them up before the flying began.

Getting ready and stuff
The Kite Flyers

All was not fine and dandy though, Raven and Mintea’s kites both tore from the wind (They said t’was because the kites were cheap) and the security guard there told us that kite flying was restricted to the second level. So we had to pack up and move base. Apart from the sweltering heat beating down on us, we weren’t complaining.

While clearing up our stuff, we waited for the clouds to go by and shield the sun rays before climbing up the spiral path that was to lead us to our destination: The rooftop field of Marina Barrage.

Sarah looking cool.
And we all joined in.

Raven and Mintea went to the Barrage shop and bought kites because theirs broke =(. At the same time got Cokes for everyone. I stayed with Sarah while the three of them (Raven, Mintea and Avariel). My attempts at kite flying after a long break from it weren’t exactly there so Sarah had to give me instructions, the kite I was flying crashed into Sarah about three times. Record breaking, since the only crash was from Raven (also into Sarah).

Kite flying did not last long because of the heat plus we all had to keep stuff and were getting tired. So we headed down and went to the Water Conservation Centre within the Barrage itself. That, however, is another story to be featured on Museum Escapades =).

I guess this speaks for itself.

Post museum visit had us heading back to the MRT station so that we could get off at Raffles Place for Bucks of Star. Avariel and I took advantage of this to introduce FLOORFISH (This incredibly huge black carp that blends into the colour of the floor) at Fullerton Hotel.

I can conclude by safely saying that Floorfish has met the Adventure Crew. Fullstop.

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