So we were in Pewter City…

Whether you’ve got the Pokemon related topic title, I apologise. Too much of its new remake: HeartGold/ SoulSilver can twist your mind quite a bit. But nonetheless, we were in the land of pewter last week. In fact, we were in the largest pewtersmith in Southeast Asia.

This adventure comprised of the usual adventure gang: Sarah Coldheart, Raven Silvers, Mintea, Avariel and the self together with guest star of the day: Arrch!

We headed down to Royal Selangor, the place that we were getting our course in Pewter Smithing. Royal Selangor on its own has three main components: the Pewter Gallery, a gallery that features intricate pewter designs and hand crafted pewter ware, the Retail section, where pewter products are sold and the School of Hard Knocks, the place we were heading to.

The entrance to the retail and gallery area.
Our workstation for the day.
The knick knacks for the knocks later.

A row on its own had six workstations and an apron. Sooner or later, comments on how we were back in Design & Technology (D&T) class from Secondary School were flung across the hall. Especially with the apron and all.

The process on its own was peppered with the sounds of mallets and tools on malleable metal. Needless to say, it was pretty much a noisy event.

Sarah finished her pretty fast and started taking pics soon afterwards. After which she promptly headed to the sinks to wash and shine the finished dish. Raven followed later and the rest soon came in.

Working on our dishes.
Shiney-ing in the process.
Le dish.

Personally speaking, I thought my first attempt was pretty okay, considering that the dish I made was not uneven. HAHA. I did hope that we could have had more time to do patterns and stuff though.

Adventure Crew and Arrch says hi.

The papers we were holding up in this picture were our certificates for completing the School of Hard Knocks! Not bad for a bunch of people who were running around more than handling tools.

Generally speaking, I thought it was an interesting experience, not because it’s almost as if I’m back in my D & T days, but because it’s one of those adventures where everyone is in one place, doing everything at the same time and talking about whatever’s going on.

Now I know that sounded super cheesy and stuff but I think activities like this just brings out certain things you thought you knew about other people or certain things you never knew about your friends.

That being said, I’d say if your kind of activity needs a bit of handiwork and an opportunity to talk to your friends, this could be a catch.

For more information on the School of Hard Knocks or Royal Selangor, click here.

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5 thoughts on “So we were in Pewter City…

  1. I was up at their head office in KL to write a feature on them last year. Got to meet the management and the designer who did their latest collection. It was a bit like meeting royalty, and yes! I went through the School of Hard Knocks too. Royal Selangor is absolutely awesome.

    1. Hand crafted pieces like the ones in Royal Selangor are always something nice to look at, it’s cool that you’ve got to meet the designer at Head Office =). Thanks for reading! ~ Joelyn Alexandra

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