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Joelyn’s Book Bites #1:15

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Adventure Crew may find this entry particularly interesting. HAH.

Introducing Reasons 9 to 12 on why I wouldn’t read/ continue reading a book.

9. Mary Sue/ Marty Stu vs. Personal Fantasies

Mary Sues or Marty Stus can be considered to be quite common. Sure, there are many great fiction writers out there but because of the fact that we’re only human, there is always a tendency, no matter how small, to go and influence your character’s self, personality and action with yourself. That’s fine, as long as it makes sense and sticks to the story. Crossing the “do-not-read” line for me would be to have the main character a totally idealistic self. Let me give you an example, while it can make sense that the main character is probably quite personable or has quite a personality, does it warrant all members/ creatures of the opposite gender all falling madly in love with him/ her at the flick of their hair? Is he/ she THAT attractive? Or is it just coincidental?

10. Character deaths

Characters live and die under the author’s pen in fiction. No one will blame the author if a favourite or main character dies, as long as they know how the character is written out of the story and stuff. The epic fail moment comes when a protagonist dies in the most epic fail way, like falling off a cliff because he was wearing slippery climbing shoes or dying from blood loss because none of his team bothered to say, “MAN DOWN!!!” after this protagonist bursts into the villain’s lair, obviously too excited for his own good. But if you’re writing something to laugh about, I think that’s pretty amusing.

11. Transportation of unconscious people

Sam Bourne tried something with regards to the transportation of unconscious people in his third book, “The Final Reckoning”, which I thought was tastefully done. The two protagonists were knocked out at the airport and then transported to a holding area where they were further sedated and wired before being transported to another building in that same state. It was interesting to see how things happened while the characters were not conscious. Something of this sort is done well, something of the “unconscious -> directly to waking up at home without explanation of the middle events” sort is just funny.

12. Rated scenes

I’m going to make this simple and short because who knows could be reading this. First thing, it’s quite common for adult fiction to have sex scenes, I’m not going to censor the word here. So most adult fiction I do read either have the characters involved or have certain subtleties, no problem there. The defining factor of whether I’m going to continue reading depends on whether the scene is described under the categories of M18, Porn or < insert word to describe something worse than Porn in that aspect > . Note: Tearing people in half is NOT sexy, I read it and went, “WTH is he doing to her?!” before realising what it really was supposed to be.

Script Frenzy ends in two weeks and I’m not done with half my series yet. HAHAH. And I think I may get carpal tunnel syndrome soon. GAH. One more week of “Why Joelyn Alexandra wouldn’t read a book” left =).

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