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Joelyn’s Book Bites #1:14

Book Bitse

If you’ve read last week’s entry of Book Bites, you’ll know that this is Part 2 of a 4-part series, featuring 16 reasons why I will not read a book. (Strange, but true.) So for this week, here are reasons 5 – 8:

5. Funny Career Changes

Now I know that reality should usually not play a part in fiction writing. But going from drop out to elite banker within the span of an unmentionable time with no mentioned process is just ridiculous. I admit, “Catch Me If You Can” had a good ending, getting the Fraud to work for the Fraud Department. Makes sense right? Even in “Survivor”, where Tender Branson went from housekeeper to philosophical talk show celeb, still made sense because of all the talking and thoughts that were going on in his head. Even James Cameron’s “Avatar” had Jake Sully go from Marine to Researcher to Na’vi but it’s all explained and developed along time. So am I making sense here? Maybe?

6. Information Dump

In some novels, like Historical or Philosophical novels, much information is needed for the story to be understood. However, the fine line between well-informed and information dump comes when you go through three or four page of nothing but informational facts and stuff to the point where you lose the essence of the story. Maybe that’s because I’m an impatient reader, but I read novels for the stories, not so much for the facts. Well-informed or novels with the need of much information do it in a very subtle or fragmented way, explaining situations or giving informational facts in bits and pieces when needed.

7. Jargon

This goes with my previous reason. The reader doesn’t know everything nor should he/ she be obligated to. So I have no idea what you’re talking about when you go on and on about Assets, Brokers, Cells and Deals. I think most people get my drift here.

8. Stereotypical Female Categories

The book can have a smart, fit, active, martial-arts inclined, alert and what have yous main female character. But the moment she ends up having to play the role of the one that’s abducted or needs saving over and over again despite her smartness/ fitness/ danger, then there’s no point talking about how you have gender equality in the book because there’s a female protagonist. If the entire story revolves around having to save her mainly (a few times is fine, if everyone else gets a turn at playing victim), then I don’t see the difference between a story with a smart, ass kicking female scientist who gets abducted and her team of strong, trigger happy men have to come and save her with a prince charming blah-ed out fairytale.

That’s 5 to 8 for you. Enjoy.

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