Joelyn Speaks: Place – Lilliputt #2

So with the journey done, down to the next part of the adventure!

Just a note before I start, while Lilliputt #1 was an adventure on its own, please do note that there are shuttle services available at Parkway Parade, a much easier and less tiring alternative to getting to Lilliputt. Also, something we found out only upon reaching Lilliputt itself. HAH.

How happy we were to enter air-con.

For safety and comfort reasons, Lilliputt does not allow shoes or barefoot walking in the course itself. So they had shelves for us to put our shoes while we still had our socks on. Raven got us discounts so we were all happy getting our tickets. Soon, we were into the course and putting balls. Or hitting, whichever.

Sarah quickly positioning our tickets.
Putter and Ball.

For some tips on getting the correct putter for you, Lilliputt taught us that the putter should measure around your hip level, so that you don’t have to bend like crazy. If I didn’t say it before, Mini Golf involves putting, not whacking (Something we still failed to adhere to tremendously. HAHA.) So the moment we got our instructions, off we went!

There were 18 holes in this entire course, so I won’t bombard you with unnecessary words and have the pictures speak for themselves.


Changi Airport – When you first land in Singapore.



Singapore Discovery Centre – To the other side of the country.



Singapore Turf Club – Them horses in a circle



The Esplanade



Raffles Place MRT – The first course we went through with automation (MRT train carried the golf ball to the other side)



Suntec City Fountain of Wealth (PFFT!!!) – Infuriatous Hillous round the Fountainous



Jurong Bird Park – Beautiful course design. That or you can get your ball into the plants if you hit too hard.


The Port – With automation and ships on buildings. Quite amusing.


Singapore Science Centre – Love it when mini golf leaves the route of the ball to chance. And machinery.


Singapore Zoo – Where a monkey could just come out after a shot in the hippo’s mouth.



Newton Circus (???) – If we were the little people in this course, there would be plates of food a few miles in the air.


Haw Par Villa – Where we had the balls exiting opera masks.


Big Splash (!!!) – Completing a station of it while we’re in it. Quite a funny experience.


The Padang (is not functioning) – You’ll find out why this was one of our catch phrases for the day in the picture.


Boat Quay – No moving boats. But there were wave bumps.



Singapore Botanical Gardens – You get the easier route if you hit hard enough.

– I thought I took a picture of this course but apparently, I didn’t. But it had a really pretty centerpiece representing the pavilions in the Botanical Gardens. We found it amusing that there were elephants in the exhibit though. –

Mount Faber – Where Sarah got amused by the Cable Cars.


Sentosa – And to the end we go…



So 18 holes later, we came to a few conclusions:

  1. Golf is not our thing. HAHA.
  2. The phrase “Cheat my feelings!” is often thrown around in the course amongst the few of us.
  3. We get more amused by the automation as the course progressed.

At the end of it, we calculated our scores and laughed at ourselves. I didn’t do so bad but still over par (DUH!!!) But all things aside, it was a really fun experience. Counting pars, going for the goal and getting amused by the sound effects and automation meant early afternoon well spent for us that day.

To find out more about Lilliputt Mini Golf, check here.

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