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Joelyn’s Book Bites: #1:13

Book Bitse

For this month’s book bites, I’ll be taking it with a bit of a light hearted tone because I’m not exactly planning much, since it’s Script Frenzy and all. So for this month, I’ve got 16 reasons why I wouldn’t read a book. This entry will comprise of the first four, then the next four and the… you get my drift.


1. Font Size

I think this speaks for itself. If a book has a maximum font size of 10 or painfully closely spaced and densely worded despite the standard font size 12, I don’t see myself reading through beyond page 30 because it’s just tiring to read. Unless the storyline is really gripping (NOT gripping my eyeballs out), I think font size is important.

2. Going back and forth in time without indication

I love reading flashbacks in books and watching flashbacks in movies and shows and stuff. But when you’re not indicating where or when the story is taking place, I have to end up flipping back to see what I’ve missed, only to see that nothing has been explained in the first place. Readers don’t know your story. Thank you very much.

3. Be careful with your Asian Names

You may be writing for an International Context but Asian names can be quite confusing, even to the Asian readers, if the names are not positioned properly. Mark Wong goes well in positioning because of an English name, so there’s no issue there. But for names with no English name, Ling Wu, to most Asian or Chinese people, means that she’ll be addressed as Ms. Ling and called Wu, instead of Ling. So there’s the level of confusion there. I apologise, I’m a bit sensitive because the position of Asian names can be quite confusing if you don’t know your stuff.

4. I don’t understand chauvinistic motivations behind male main characters or supporting characters

I think most people know that I have feministic tendencies. So I don’t think it’ll be a surprise if I say that I seriously don’t understand why some books have female characters wrapping themselves around their main male counterparts without any justification. Because I just read it and go, “Okay, what’s this guy like? Oops, there they are, sleeping together.”

First thing, I don’t get it why every female counterpart in a “stud” main character book has to be drop dead gorgeous, supermodel hot or what have yous. Reality sucks, I know, but fantasising it like so is kinda taking it too far. So if you want your “stud” to sleep with the girl, I think it has to take more than just imagination.


In case you’re wondering, yes, I’ve read something that bad that has all these reasons combined into one. But most books I’ve actually stopped reading halfway do fall into these categories as well. For some reason, I don’t really take that I have bad taste in choosing books, so I just take it as a platform to get better.

That’s all for today.

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