Joelyn Speaks: Places – Lilliputt Part #1

First let me start with an announcement that the Joelyn Speaks posts will be pushed to every Tuesday instead of the weekend. Just some time to spread out the posts before being bombarded by them one by one.

Secondly, the reason why the title here states Part #1 was because everything under the adventure of Lilliputt happened within the same day, in chronological order. But because the first part of the adventure (the GETTING THERE) was an adventure on its own, I’ve decided to separate the entire adventure into two parts.

So without further ado, head down to Joelyn Speaks: Places – Two part special for the adventure to Lilliputt!


Met adventurers of the day Sarah Coldheart, Raven Silvers and Avariel near Bedok Bus Interchange, intending to head to the interchange to catch a bus towards Big Splash, where Lilliputt was located. So a discussion about Pokemon HeartGold/ SoulSilver later, we got on the bus and then forgot which stop to get off. So we ended up stranded in the middle of the East Coast area.

Since the only Eastie around was Sarah, everyone else didn’t have a clue. So we ended up relying on Raven’s Google Maps to make sure we were going in the right direction. Much photo taking madness of crazy signs and beach views ensued.

Through the tunnel of darkness into the light of lostness.
Cyclists, chase the rollerbladers?

We stopped walking halfway just to get bearings. The map we saw before heading out that day was definitely less reliable that it looked. According to Raven, we ended up walking at least 1.7 km because we got off too early and the map looked as if everything was next to each other.

Phrase of the day, “Cheat my feelings!” came about soon after. Invented by yours truly.

To sum it up so far, we ended up walking past one underpass, one flight of stairs, at least three bicycle rentals, one Subway, one MacDonalds, one Bowling Alley, two carparks, one huge pond, the beach and countless number of knick-knack shops. THEN we still had to cross this huge field before reaching our destination.

The moat-like field between us and the destination.
Le Destination!

Now that we’ve reached, stay tuned for Part #2 of this commentary! 18 holes around Singapore. Yes, we went from Changi Airport to Singapore Discovery Centre to Sentosa in about two hours.

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One thought on “Joelyn Speaks: Places – Lilliputt Part #1

  1. Greetings From LilliPutt Indoor Mini Golf!

    Thank you for visiting Singapore’s First Themed Indoor Mini-Golf Course.

    Regarding your “PART ONE – GETTING THERE”, I think you might have alighted at the wrong bus stop. If you have alighted at Amber Garden bus stop, with around 10 minutes walk, you could have reached us by taking the underpass next to Chinese Swimming Club which leads out next to our building. Alternatively, you can also alight at Parkway Parade and just outside the DBS Bank is a shuttle service provided for the convenience of Playground@Big Splash customers. These options are for weekdays. For weekends, bus service 401 (operating from Bedok interchange) is available and you can alight at the bus stop which is just across our building. For future reference, please follow the links below on how to locate and reach us:


    We hoped you had a great time and we look forward for your next visit!

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