Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Visit to the Alma Mater

To the adventure crew, I’m still under house rules in terms of pending adventures until next weekend. So I hope you guys have great fun prawning today!

As for me, I headed down to the alma mater together with a few other friends. This entry may not be the typical “please-go-to-this-place-it’s-awesome” entry for Joelyn Speaks, but I feel that writing this entry will give some sort of an insight to how it feels like to be visiting a place you’ve been involved with after graduating for quite a while.

This was where I studied before. Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s School of Film & Media Studies.

So I went back with a few friends because one of us thought that it would be interesting to go back just for the fun of it. Plus we all missed the hot dogs and eggs from Ngee Ann Library. Hee.

Hence, the first stop made in Ngee Ann was the library. First change that I noticed was that they renovated the entrance, with all these “Entrance” and “Exit” sensors that would just go off if you went in the wrong way. Gosh. The rest of the library was still pretty much the same so this whole sense of nostalgia and the feeling of being a Ngee Ann student came back to me while walking towards the library cafe.

What I came to when I arrived at the Library Cafe.
My haul. Just the way I liked it back in school.

After the grub in the library cafe, we took a hike up the “Ngee Ann Hill”, just for old times sake. Just as we were walking past Block 56, the tutorial block for our time, we came across this new place:

Towards the lower right corner. Studio 27.

If I’m not wrong, I think Studio 27 was built for bands/ students to go for jamming sessions. Not bad. But after a glimpse or two, we headed back up the Ngee Ann Hill and came to the block we all came to know so well: Block 53.

The first thing everyone else noticed heading up the hill was the relatively new “Makan Place”, I say relatively because technically, it opened in 2008 after we left (BAH!). But before taking a look at it, we went for this full body immersion of nostalgia through the building itself. Funny how many things can actually change after you leave.

So the Ngee Ann School of Film & Media Studies now has numerous set ups containing information about their courses, an in-house university (Chapman University), a display area and a student lounge with motion sensor lights. Kids these days. My goodness. HAH.

View from the 8th level of the school.

Apart from the view and all that jazz, we bumped into a few lecturers, said “Hi” and all that. To be honest it was quite comforting to know that some of the lecturers that taught us then were still around and stuff (since there were some who left while we were still in school then). But overall I was glad I took this trip back to school, will probably go back again. This time to drop off Happy Smiley Writers Group stuff! HAH.

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One thought on “Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Visit to the Alma Mater

  1. Studio 27 has a jamming area, but it also has a studio room for filming and photography, which I believe has a green screen. It also has PS3s, Wiis, Xbox 360s and some pretty sweet gaming PCs for use. (:

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