Joelyn Speaks: Food – Sticky

This week’s Joelyn Speaks is a short one, considering the fact that I’m out of any adventure action for a while. So to summarise this post, I’m giving you this line:

I went to a candy store.

Strange, I always had these images of lollipops and gingerbread houses and glass jars of candy when I thought Candy Store when I was younger. But this time, Avariel and I were met with a cosy, pink corner store at the basement of Clarke Quay Central.

Okay, so unlike most candy stores, Sticky concentrates mostly on one type of candy – Rock Candy.

Not only that, their candy is all handmade and crafted in the shop.

The cooling table, for raw, boiling candy to cool.
Candy shop personnel wrapping the lollipops.

Unfortunately, when Avariel and I were there, the candy makers had already went back so there was no live demonstration on how they made their candy. The shop cashier told us to go back the next day either during the morning or the afternoon, where the candy makers would be around.

Nonetheless, I picked up a jar of candy for my cousins and Avariel got a few packets for herself. There’s something really cool about eating irregular shaped candy and knowing that they were all individually cut into candy sized pieces.

The Citrus Mix. My haul for the day.

And because all candy is handmade, Sticky offers customization services in bulk as well. Plus, if you buy their candy in jars, you get a discount every time you bring their jars back for a refill of candy!

For more information, check them out here.

Sticky is located at The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street, #B1-54/55 (Clarke Quay Central).

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