Joelyn's Book Bites

Joelyn’s Book Bites #1.10

Book Bitse

As this week is full of funny, in-house, random phrases, I’m dedicating this blog entry to be a repository of upcoming quotes in my written works. For now, here’s the list of funny quotes and their masters:

“These are crime photographs, but they look really good!” – Raven Silvers

“My platelets are back!!” – Joelyn Alexandra

“Floorfish!” – Joelyn Alexandra

“I’ve been daydreaming at night…” – Avariel

“I’ve got rock candy in my bag.” – Joelyn Alexandra

“Yeah, but those frogs are cute and fluffy!” – Joelyn Alexandra

That’s the list so far. I know a lot of them end up coming from yours truly but I think it’s because they come from me that I can remember them more clearly. HAH.

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