Joelyn Speaks: Places – Hippo Tours: Water Style

Random adventure on the way…

Yeah, we’re going for a boat ride.

It was pretty weird, how Avariel and I chanced upon this deal. We went for lunch once and then discovered that the post Chinese New Year promotions were still on for the Hippo Tours River rides at the Esplanade (Going for $6 a trip instead of the usual $18). And since the two of us finished lessons early on Wednesday, we headed down because it was just a 15 minute walk from our school.

So we headed down and paid for our tickets quickly. It was quite weird yet exciting because well, we never thought we would actually hop onto the Hippo Tours thing ever. Quote Avariel, who said, “My mother told me, “You want to take a ride on every water vessel ever, right?””

Nonetheless, we waited about 15 minutes for our ride to arrive before going onto the dock and onto the Hippo Tours boat itself.

Soon after, our view was like so.
View from the seats.
Our Captain for the day. The Tour Guide was saying that he loved posing for pictures.

The tour lasts about 30 minutes, covering the usual tourist spots along the town area: Merlion, The Fullerton, Cavenagh Bridge, Boat Quay, The Arts House, Parliament House, The Supreme Court, you get the drift…

So we were drifting along, taking in the sights and pictures while the guide carried on with different histories of the place.

Taking Avariel taking pictures.

Until we came to the MICA building (The one with all the colourful windows). At this point, the guide was explaining that the MICA Building used to be the Police HQ of Singapore in the old days. While the brightly coloured windows served well aesthetically, they seemed to have a significance behind it (As most architectural beauties of today).

Who knew that the MICA building had 911 windows to remind of the fact that the number for the police back in the past was 911?!

Avariel and I were entertaining the thoughts of people in a hurry to call the police then, forgetting the number and then counting the windows. (FAIL!)

Soon after, we docked at Clarke Quay. Avariel and I decided to get down here because we wanted to go for Pizza Cones in Liang Court. However, if we chose to stay in the boat, we would have gone back to the Esplanade. So to speak it was a pretty amusing experience, going down the Singapore River in the River itself. Not bad.

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