Joelyn Speaks: Places – Megazip Sentosa

Note that I have problems typing this post out because both my middle fingers are injured. The one of the left has a bandage on and the one of the right is still peeling. Blah. So I’m pretty much giving you the damage report before the post starts. If you’re already freaked out, you can stop reading. If not, please do continue, this place is worth the read. I hope.

This week’s post consists of a cast of nine (Yes, 9) people, including: Sarah Coldheart (DUH), Mintea, Priya (Mintea’s Friend), TiramiSue, Wayne (Sue’s Bro), Eunice, Nadia, Jerome and yours truly.

Now, with Resorts World and all that opening in Sentosa, we decided to take advantage of the fact that people are flocking there like swarms and head towards a bit more secluded. Like so:

Because our MegaZip vouchers were going to go off soon, Sarah decided to rally a huge group to head there, since we all wanted to go anyway. So our day included of three stages: the ClimbMax (adventure rope course), ParaJump (controlled parachute jump) and MegaZip (zipline =)).

Photos here onwards are courtesy of Eunice and Mintea, who had cameras and screw-on carabiners attached to their harnesses.

So before we could head off for climbing, we all got suited up and harnessed. For the safety of the people, the harnesses are strapped on pretty tight, so you’ll be sure that you’re in safe hands.

Entering the compounds of the rope course, you’ll see that a giant green tower is the central of the entire attraction. That’s the place where you go up to for the different levels (There are three) of ClimbMax, MegaZip and ParaJump. NorthFace, their rock climbing facility, is located at a single side of the tower. We headed up to the first level of ClimbMax first.

On the way up to the place.
Entrance to the place, after climbing.

Four of us (Sarah, Nadia (I swapped), Sue & Wayne) went for two levels of ClimbMax because they bought the ClimbMax separately due to the MegaZip vouchers. The rest of us went for just one level. Mintea, Priya, Eunice and myself went for Level One (because we’ve never climbed) and Jerome went for Level Two. The four went for their ParaJump first.

Now let me take this moment to say that the ClimbMax is crazily stable. The ropes in the rope course may have you trembling because of their soft instability but the cable, pulley and hook that your harness is attached to from the top will cushion you if you do end up falling off. So all you need to do is to pull yourself back up onto the course and continue.

Amazingly, I found the tightrope wires here incredibly stable. I have crazily small feet which means me on these wires = total instability. But despite the fear of actually falling off and stuff, the wires were incredibly stable, so no shakiness and stuff no matter how afraid you may be.

Through the entire course, I fell once, during this stage where I was seated on a swing and just fell off. Got entangled there and then as well. Oh wells. Sarah (who was sitting at the bottom waiting for Nadia so that they could do Level Two together) got me out of that mess, thankfully. Because I don’t want the instructors getting pissed during their duties explaining to me about what to do should I get entangled. Oops.

Towards the end of the course, Eunice, Priya and Mintea was already done, so they were just waiting for me, Jerome and Nadia. Eunice was shooting vids of us coming in via the last stage (The Flying Fox) and Mintea and Priya were like professional cheerleaders. HAHA. I think we all were that day, with all the waiting and stuff.

Crossing the cargo net before the fox. Photo courtesy of Mintea.
This was when I had a butt cramp. HAHA. Photo courtesy of Mintea.
Priya and the self after our ClimbMax =). Photo courtesy of Mintea.

I gave Sue my turn for ParaJump because I felt pukish and she wanted to go again. But after that was the third level for Sue, Sarah and Wayne. It was quite hilarious, with Sue posing halfway for the camera to cheering on Wayne in French (my super limited vocabulary) and Sarah educating us in German. HAH.

Soon after was the real thing we came for: The MegaZip. Sheereen my NP Mass Comm junior darling was working that day so saw her there =). 75m in the air but the view is GLORIOUS. Nonetheless, you’ll at least be a tad nervous at the anticipation before the ride (you go down at up to 50kmh), especially when you start off hanging over the edge of the tower, over this safety net.

Then, the operations people of Megazip will hold onto the release and then say, “Okay, have a good trip, bye!” before quickly releasing.

Then you go woohoo.


Okay, the first 5-10 seconds will have your heart raring to jump out of your screaming mouth (If you scream) but halfway over the forest, the wind through your hair is absolutely GORGEOUS. Over the beach had me screaming, “HAPPY SMILEY WRITERS ROCK!!!” Right, I know, I’m such a publicity freak.

So after that exhilarating journey from the top of the hill down to the beach, we headed back to the beach and collected our stuff before the rest of our individual plans for the day settled into reality.

Damage report: Both middle fingers laden with abrasions around the nail with the one on the left hand with the wound exposed (yes, skin came off). At the moment I feel like I’m only able with my right hand because my left hand’s like irritating me.

One day or so later, the shoulders and muscles started going at it. My upper body’s now gone and sore. HAHA. Sore back on pillows = GOOD STUFF.

But overall speaking, I’d say it was a good Saturday spent. Super intense but I really felt as if I did something that day. A day well spent. For more information on MegaZip, click here.

Mintea says we look stranded. Photo courtesy of Mintea.

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