Joelyn Speaks: Food – Fisherman’s Wharf

When you think Fish & Chips, what comes to mind?

Fish & Co.?
Manhattan Fish Market?
Food Court?

All three places are great, but Avariel and I (yes, the two of us adventure a lot, because our schools are practically next to each other!) found another place to add on to that list. Introducing…

Fisherman’s Wharf

We both knew that it had always been there, opposite Clarke Quay Central but never really got to really visiting the place. So instead of going to Central for dinner, we decided to finally head into the place.

As said by Avariel, the place reminded her of those seaside fish & chips places in Perth. I haven’t been there so I can’t agree or disagree. HAH. However, the place had this open concept, no air-conditioning, but a lot of natural light and breeze, so you’re comfortable.

The entrance and its open concept

I always found that chalkboard menus were incredibly charming. Plus the fishing nets, the greenish-blue wooden structures and plank-like seats, all of these aspects complete the whole Fishing Shack- Fish N’ Chips stand kind of feel.

Avariel and I seated ourselves right in front of the order counter, which resembled a bar. It was self-serviced so we had to go up for our orders. Something like Barcelos (what is up with us and covering self-serviced places?!), where we went up and paid upfront.

Our order number.

Another thing I like about this place is the selection of extra sauces they offered together with the food. I decided to try Curry Mayonnaise with my prawns, even though the prawns came with this creamy-like Thai chilli sauce.

So soon enough, the food came in.

Avariel’s Fish & Chips, with Tartar Sauce.
My prawns, with thick Thai chilli sauce.

Food came in baking paper and a basket. Totally retro and outdoor-sy. The only probable missing thing would be newspapers and greaseproof paper. HAH.

Not to boast, I’m quite alright with eating prawns without using hands if you just give me a fork and a knife. However, I just forgot about the whole thing because the prawns were served in a basket, not a plate, and ended up using my hands to pull prawn tails and chomp on the prawns.

Kind of reminded me of Nigella Express when she served shell-on prawns with her Harissa-Mayonnaise sauce, not to mention that the Thai Chilli Sauce was of the EXACT same coral pink as it was on that episode of Nigella Express.

Prawns were succulent and Avariel’s fish was flaky yet tender, a tad dry though, I think it’s because I took the fish from the corners of the fillet. Oops. And they have fries or chips to go with whatever main course you order. Fries are crispy, chips are softer and are cut straight from the potato, skin and all.

Overall speaking, this place is worth a go: Affordable (depends on the fish you order), Great ambience and Easily accessible (Directly opposite Clarke Quay Central Mall). Thought they could provide finger bowls though, especially for prawn dishes. HAH.

Fisherman’s Wharf is located at 27/ 29 New Bridge Road, opposite Clarke Quay Central Mall.

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