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Museum Escapades: Quest for Immortality in the National Museum

Museum Escapades

Avariel and I took a trip down to the National Museum a few weeks before she headed on her trip on the Queen Mary II. Two years back, I visited the Louvre Exhibitions of Ancient Greece, also held in the National Museum then.

So with another exhibition of an Ancient Civilisation in Singapore, plus with the fact that Avariel loves Ancient Egyptology and that students got in free, we had all the reasons to go. Entering the gallery, Avariel and I spent the first few minutes trying to wait for the correct timing for the lights to reach the correct brightness to facilitate our photography of the entrance. HAH.

For a summary of what the exhibition was about, it focussed on the death aspect of the Egyptians, pretty much what made the Egyptians famous. So there were mummified animals (yes, there were), sarcophagi, jewellery and other stuff.

Upon entering the gallery, we were greeted with this line of sculptures, mostly of Egyptian Gods, ranging from Sekhmet to Horus. What was interesting was the fact that there were also stuff with Alexandrian influence, meaning there was this distinct Greek influence within them. Like so:

Statue of Sekhmet.
The Sphinx

Following the sphinxes, we realised that the exhibition took a tomb-like route, where the exhibits just started getting deeper and deeper into the pyramid tomb. Progressing from external statues to figurines to jewellery to mummified animals buried within the tombs.

At this point onwards, Avariel and I just stopped taking pictures because we all had lumpy throats then.

The very last chamber included the sarcophagi and a rolled out sample of the Book of the Dead. Together with this projected video of a documentary of mummification, the exhibit almost ended with the ultimate destination at the end.

At the end of it, Avariel and I attempted to cast our names in hieroglyphics and fold origami pyramids. Avariel gave up halfway.

The origami pyramid I made.
HSWG in Hieroglyphs =)

Generally speaking, I like how the exhibit actually progresses from the external areas of the tomb all the way into the dark recesses of the pyramid itself. However, for $15 as a regular visitor, we thought it was a tad short but I thought the interactive activities gave the exhibit some light-hearted fun so that it was not like some history lesson all over again.

Quest for Immortality ends 4th April 2010, click here for more information.

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