Joelyn Speaks: Activities – Of Bow(l)s & Arrows

The week before my spiritual retreat to JB, Malaysia, the adventure crew (Sarah, Avariel, Raven, Mintea & Mintea’s Sis) and yours truly headed down to Kallang Leisure Park for a bowling session. Mintea wanted to go for a few rounds, we all decided we needed a break and Sarah was telling us that Kallang had good rates for bowling. So off we went…

Met Raven and Sarah at Kallang MRT late morning/ early afternoon with a cut on my palm because I fell while heading up the escalator. They were talking about a shuttle so I was kinda rushing there so that we could go onto the shuttle on time, only to realise that I was the third to arrive. Oops. Mintea and her sister came shortly after I did and marked the first funny of the day, observe:

Joelyn: Any idea where the ATM is?
Raven: Sarah asked that as well. I don’t think so.
Sarah: Yeah, I came and asked. Looks like we have to wait for Kallang.

– when Mintea arrived –

Mintea: Hey, does anyone know where the ATM is?

– crickets chirping –

So it was kinda obvious that the only cash on us was plastic. Nonetheless, Avariel arrived soon and we headed towards the bus park and waited for the bus towards Kallang Leisure Park, since we missed the shuttle.

Arriving at the Park after getting off the bus and walking a great distance (The place does not really have great accessibility to public transport and the Circle Line station only opens in April), we realised there was no DBS ATM around the area, which brought us back to square one. Oh wells.

But nonetheless, we headed straight for the bowling alley.

Where the adventure began.

The rates were actually quite good! Mintea Visa-ed the charges for us first before we paid her back. For two games and shoe rentals for all six of us during the peak period (it was a Sunday), we only paid about $9 each. But as soon as we laced up and dumped our stuff at the lanes, we were on to the game!

The alley as we entered.
All laced up…
Names keyed in…
And ready to roll! (no pun intended)

Game went as normal. We realised a few trends sticking out while playing though. I guess this comes while playing with writers who needed to be at least a little unstable in order to write stuff. Here are the trends as observed:

  1. We tend to gutter ball at least 75% of the time we’re playing. (DUH)
  2. Most strikes are merely coincidental. (except Mintea’s, she’s got ninja bowling skills)
  3. Speaking of strikes, the chants of the day were, “Strike! Strike! Strike! Strike! Awww…/ YAY!!!”
  4. When all else fails, roll the heavier balls.
Waiting for their turn.
Raven’s turn
Happy and keeping score.

Everyone got a chance to get a strike down the lane. But I think the most interesting moment was when we were probably more interested in adjusting the score keeping themes instead of the game itself. At the end of it, Raven calculated the average scores to decide who we should send for Writer’s Bowl, should there be one. Hee.

Heading out of the alley, we walked around for a bit before going into the Arcade. Raven glued herself to Mario Kart straightaway. HAH. I ended up at Time Crisis 2 with Avariel instead, until all the tokens were used up. I think my shooting’s getting slightly better. I used to lose lives like crazy whenever I played.

So since Kallang Leisure Park had no DBS ATM, we had no cash and thus, had to look for one before we can get our food. Hence, we headed out of the mall and into the recesses of the hot sun… and hot guys. Apparently there was a charity car wash outside featuring the Singapore Calender guys, all pecs in full view. Mintea was lamenting over the fact that we didn’t have a car. Oh wells.

After Kallang we took another bus out to Suntec, where there was an ATM. AND FOOD! We headed down to Pastamania.

My Penne Al Funghi. Wheee.

And as it was Sunday, the place was crowded. Thank goodness we were many girls. People would just make way. HAHA. So after that we headed up to the third level and to this archery corner (The rest of the adventure crew went previously, I didn’t.) where it was about $5 for 12 shots and $24 for 72, where you get a card and they stamp out every time you have a try. I shared my try with Sarah and Avariel.

T’was my first time doing archery – without contacts or specs with astigmatism – and I was equipped with the smaller bow.

Not bad for a first timer?

I’m tempted to continue. Probably slip it into my repertoire when my gym membership ends.

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