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Joelyn’s Book Bites #1.5

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Since last week, I’ve been busy talking about the availability of our (Happy Smiley Writers Group) book, “Happiness at the End of the World” in Kinokuniya Orchard. Not just here, but also around my class and school. But since the book was only launched quite some time back, here’s something to jog your memory on my story in the anthology:

Code: Voyance
A lonely space dweller finds home

Claire Voyance, the lone space dweller on one of the many shuttles orbiting the Earth after The End, never planned more than two minutes ahead in her life because well, everyone else on her shuttle died.

Having to live an automated life almost every day with the control of an autopilot, Claire finds that her plans for living a dreary, monotonous day have been thwarted with the arrival of a strange video message speaking to her from Earth.

Will she succumb to it? Or trash it like any other messages which found its way around the sinister autopilot?

That’s my piece from Happiness at the End of the World. There are also other great stories from the Happy Smiley Writers Group. (Seriously Sarah, Mintea, Raven Silvers, Notkieran, Rozen from Two Trees and our two other guest writers: Ziyang & Clarence) So if you find this interesting, grab a copy of the anthology!

The book is available in Kinokuniya Orchard or you can order it online here.

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