Joelyn Speaks: Places – Sentosa Cineblast: Extreme Log Ride

This activity was done quite some time back, when the adventure crew decided to take the trip up to Bukit Timah. Before that, I had a stayover at Avariel’s place. However, before heading back to Avariel’s place, we decided to make use of the vouchers given during the 24Seven Hat-py Party.

Hence, we headed down to Sentosa’s 4D Magix & Cineblast for the Cineblast’s Extreme Log Ride. Adventure here guest stars Avariel =). Because we’re junkies for motion simulators.

Avariel giving me a deliberate bored look
Entrance to Sentosa
Getting off at Imbiah Station
One of the many escalators up. GAH.

Getting off Imbiah Station and heading up at least a thousand escalators or so (HAHA), we managed to located Cineblast, only to meet a long queue.

Holding our impatient groans back, we headed to the counter to get tickets and found out that the Extreme Log Ride under Cineblast was located at the back of main building. For some strange reason, we were kinda relieved that there was no queue just yet. So we got our tickets and waited.

Finally found Cineblast!
The ride we were waiting for, with no queue!

When it was finally our turn to enter, we entered this really cold dark room for the pre-show: The usual safety precautions and trailers for the other 4D Magix and Cineblast shows (Pirates & Desperados). However, the pumping music and flashing lights made me turn over to Avariel and say, “Gosh, we’re in < insert club name here >.”

Quite a deal, you pay about $18 for a ride and you still get the same atmosphere in the pre show as one in a typical dance floor. Not bad. HAHA.

So while we were finally let in, Avariel and I headed up to the highest capsule while the rest of the capsules were quickly taken up. No harm, I loved the view.

The anticipation before the ride was there and the two of us were ready to carry out our craziness in the midst of seemingly mild people. Ride-wise, we were logs transported around the “Himalamazon” (Yes, you saw it right), so there were conveyor belts, rivers, half tube valleys and free falls.

Free falls rocked.

The ride ended with Avariel and I going, “That’s it?” But I guess it was due to the fact that thrills tend to last quickly. Honestly speaking, I haven’t gone for a ride like that since Cinemania closed a few years back.

Bonus note here, the Cineblast leads right into a trekking path around the Nature Walk in Sentosa. The walk from Cineblast started off with a mini-nature museum, similar to that of the one in Bukit Timah, and interconnects with the Dragon Path and Nature Walk.

Nature Walk leading to the Imbiah Falls
No offense but it’s a really weird looking lion.

Walking all the way past the Lion and towards Imbiah Falls, Avariel and I decided to turn back and walk back to the station via Merlion Walk back. All in all, a fun enough experience, though we still thought, “That’s it?!” after the ride ended.

For more information on the Extreme Log Ride or other Sentosa Cineblast rides, click here.

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