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Signal Boost: Crime anthology? Anyone?

Signal Boost

I speak as so because Monsoon Books is now calling for entries for its pending anthologies: Best of Singapore Crime Fiction & Best of Southeast Asian Erotica.

My first words when I heard about the call for entries was this: “FINALLY!!!”

Anthologies and literature here been mostly about Family Values, the usual Taboo Subjects and National stuff. While those topics are definitely really interesting or insightful topics to cover, but somehow one realises that we need something different for a bit. There’s a reason why James Patterson, Dan Brown and Cecilia Ahern top the best selling charts in bookstores as well.

I’ve always been interesting the crime fiction, because I love unfurling the mysteries of the case as the story progresses. Hence this entry which I will be attempting would involve crime fiction set in Singapore.

For interested parties, note that Crime Fiction should be between 2,000 to 10,000 words and set in Singapore and sent to by April 10, 2010.

For those interested in writing Erotica, however, it’s 2,000 to 5,000 words and to be sent to, also by April 10, 2010.

Nice. I have something to work on when I’m not busy killing myself over school.

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4 thoughts on “Signal Boost: Crime anthology? Anyone?

  1. Hi There,
    I’m interested in submitting work for the crime anthology, however, when I tried to send several questions to Krimi’s e-mail a reply came back saying that the address wasn’t valid. Are you sure this is the correct email address?


    1. Hi DeBorah,

      I just double checked with my source and the email from Krimi is the same email which I have mentioned in the post itself, copied and pasted from the editor.

      If it’s not valid, it’s very strange. Try emailing the other address to inquire about this issue?

      ~ Joelyn Alexandra

  2. Hi Joelyn,

    Maybe you can help me, I’m interested in writing for the Crime Anthology. Could you please let me know when it will actually be out? Does the name of contributing authors appear in the book? What are the royalities and how are they determined; and lastly, what exactly are you looking for?

    Please let me know asap so that I can get started.



    1. Hi DeBorah

      I’m just publicizing the call for entries for Monsoon because a notice was forwarded to me by one of my writer friends. She got the information from a speculative fiction forum. So information was forwarded to me via email and I only know that much. If you would like, I could forward the email to your address. Would that be fine with you?

      That or maybe you can contact Monsoon straight. If their email is not valid, they should know as well.

      ~ Joelyn Alexandra

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