Joelyn Speaks: Food – Barcelos

So Avariel and I went to Vivocity for a Food Adventure before going over to her house for a stayover the previous Friday. Wandering around Vivo and looking at ships (Avariel loves them), she asked about what Vivo had for dinner that wasn’t fast food or ridiculously pocket burning.

Hence, we headed down to Barcelos, a place specializing in Flame Grilled Chicken, similar to that of the Nando’s Chicken restaurant Avariel went to when she was still in Perth. Barcelos, for us who have never tried Nando’s, was kind of like most Chicken places (Kenny Roger’s, Charly T’s etc…) but with its signature Peri Peri Sauces.

So we ordered at the counter and headed for booth seats (since it was early, it was pretty empty). Turned out they had sauces on standby in case sauce-holics were afoot. Sauces available at the table included: Tangy Lemon, Mild Peri, Very Peri (cute) and Spicy Peri.

The sauces with our free flow of drinks.
Ze waiting number

Each meal with a combo comes with a free flow of drinks and a side order of our choice. Avariel got a mixed skewers combo with coleslaw and I got a pitta pocket with chicken, cheese and egg with soup. The soup came first and I posed a question, “Is this a side or the meal?”

My side of soup. I asked Avariel to share it with me.

Unlike what you do see, the soup is not really that creamy. Flavourful, but not overly creamy like the usual cream of mushroom or chicken kind. Instead, it was lighter with a very herb like hint that did not overwhelm, so a great tasting combination. By the way, the croutons so rock, you feel like eating cubed garlic bread done to the right amount of flavour and crunch.

My chicken-cheese-egg pitta pocket.
Avariel’s chicken and beef skewers and coleslaw.

The chicken on its own was not stringy, which means good news to me because I LOATHE really stringy dried out chicken. Same thing for Avariel’s chicken skewers, where the chicken pieces just slid off the skewer stick. The beef skewers were quite stuck to the stick though. HAH.

By the way, chicken does go relatively well with cheese and egg and peri sauce (I added extra). The pitta’s a nice container for the food but I speak as a person who’s a huge fan of flat breads and bread in general. Overall though, filling, flavourful and relatively affordable. A choice if you just want a nice place to eat something simple enough.

Barcelos Flame Grilled Chicken is located at Vivocity #02-91 to 93.

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