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Joelyn’s Book Bites #1.2

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Firstly, I apologise for the late entry this week. I know this is set to be backdated but I was either busy climbing Bukit Timah with the totally literary people or being sick. Yes, I’m down with a cold, which I hope will GO AWAY later today. Ugh.

Just a quick update of some sorts, over the week, there were mentions and feedback of the Happy Smiley Writers’ Group’s latest Science Fiction Anthology, “Happiness At the End of the World”. General feedback was pretty good so people are already asking about when it will come out in the bookstores (??!!!).

That aside, I would like to use this post to update on my progress on “Autumn Deception”, which is the novel that I will be constructing this year before the National Novel Writing Month kicks off again in November.

I don’t know if it’s unhealthy or effective to be this structural in something that should not be that rigid, but January is my month of novel restructuring, from the random 50,000 word giant it was to something more refined, I hope. And while I have yet to really start writing the novel on its own, I realised that via restructuring, you get in tune with the story much more than one would while writing it fresh off the press.

That being said, the Prologue and Part One of the novel have already been restructured and the novel on its own would probably be written in first person instead of third. If you count the weeks, I think I may be behind time. School’s catching up so I should be doing some serious planning soon.

Until the next update!

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