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Joelyn’s Book Bites #1.1

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Welcome to the first edition of Joelyn’s Book Bites, where I will give sneak peeks into the main novel project that I will be working on long term. If memory serves all of us well, one can remember that my novel for the National Novel Writing Month for 2009 was known as “Domina Una”, with a Mafia Organisation against the Justice Department themed storyline. With restructuring and researching over December, I have come to a conclusion of a new structure with a similar theme, taking on the alternative title, “Autumn Deception”.

Here’s a summary of the storyline:



Autumn Yeung, Sister Autumn Phoenix as they called her in the triads, entered prison life in the Justice Department Headquarters for what they called Fraud and Organised Crime. Being the best in the business when it came to counterfeit assets and faked artwork, she was also guilty of a crime just as grave to the triads: Betrayal.


Released under the agreement made to her five years ago, Autumn Yeung sets up as the Fraud Consultant in the Justice Department, only to take a case regarding an underground black market for art and its brutal massacre over fraudulent goods. When a snitch is found dead, Autumn Yeung gets thrown into the world she abandoned and betrayed, jeopardizing her parole and her new life.

I would say that it still has a similar concept of that with Domina Una but this will probably have a more personal, in-depth kind of story to tell, apart from the usual on-the-surface of what is happening and stuff. Look forward to future Book Bites as I kick start this regular column every Friday and give a sneak peek on what i going on in the writerly sense.

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