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Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: The Year in Perspective

Eternal Sights

2009 has been a great year, I kid you not. With so many things happening, whether good or bad, whether intentional or accidental, it all amounted up to a great year. Hence, I’ve decided to take a few moments to sum up whatever happened month by month. Here goes:


  • I stopped working at Bowen Secondary School’s Library. Had good times there, made a good amount of friends, gained a whole lot of experience, definitely a fruitful six months.
  • Attended the first ever Happy Smiley Writer’s Group meeting at Geek Terminal.
When Geek Terminal was still around.
  • Decided developing a new novel series with a darker back story: Lady Una.


  • Did a Literary Tour of Singapore with Rozen.
  • Got the opportunity to head to the Industry Briefing Session for the Singapore Writers’ Festival 2009.
  • Met the friendly people from Jacaranda and having one of their people, Priya, come down during out Happy Smiley Writers Group meeting. Nice.
Having our agent-writer pep talks.


  • March did not have much going on, except for the fact that Lady Una’s characters were undergoing serious grilling and the Script Frenzy planning was coming along quite urgently.


  • Wrote 110 pages for Script Frenzy, winning together with Raven Silvers. *grins*


  • Officially started university education at the Murdoch International Study Centre, Singapore.
  • The idea of Bubble G.U.M. floats around in the heads of the Happy Smiley people.
  • Met Wena Poon. She rocks.
  • Met the friendly people of 24seven for the first time.
24Seven souvenirs


  • Writes “Code: Voyance” the short story for Sci-Fi Anthology “Happiness at the End of the World”.
  • Writing of Bubble G.U.M. started.
  • School started being crazy.
  • I joined the Golden Point Awards 2009.
  • Attended the Writer’s Flash Mob @ Polymath & Crust for a good load of fun =).
Wena during her reading at Polymath & Crust (030609)


  • Prologue of Bubble G.U.M. was uploaded for download (HEH).
  • Happy Smiley Writers Group went into a publicity plan: Facebook, Twitter etc…
  • Screamed at people after exams. (HAHAHA)


  • Trimester break started, hence editing and proofing and stuff. Getting ready for the Singapore Writers’ Festival.
  • Joelyn’s Poetry Extracts had an unofficial start.


  • Headed for the Dead Sea Scrolls in Singapore 2009 Exhibition (And got good feedback. Thanks Dr. Lampe!)

  • Happiness at the End of the World got its cover!

  • I turned 21 and it was awesome. HAH.


  • The month of the Singapore Writers’ Festival 2009 (!!!)
  • The launch of UNDERCOVERS: The Singapore Writers’ Festival 2009
Photo courtesy of Raven Silvers
  • The launch of Happiness at the End of the World and National Novel Writing Month 2009.


  • Met Neil Gaiman. (I did not scream in enthusiasm. Someone else did)
Neil Gaiman’s Autograph session
  • Completed “Domina Una”, NaNovel for 2009 with 52,699 words.
  • Went through the Big Baba Blogout organised by the Peranakan Association in Singapore.
  • Went for Books Actually’s 4th Anniversary.
Bloggers at the Peranakan Museum.


  • Met Faizal Isa and the Awesome Foursome (Duane Ho, Farhan Shah, Tabitha Nauser), they’re cool people.
  • Went on an adventure to the Singapore Discovery Centre, courtesy of 24Seven (!!!)
That’s the way the bloggers shoot
  • Went for the most hilarious movie of the year. (*ahem*)
  • The Thank Goodness It’s Over (TGIO) Party for NaNoWriMo 2009 rocked socks as well.
  • Finished school for the year.
  • Went for the best movie (in my opinion) of the year: Avatar 3D.
  • Attended the 24Seven Blogger’s Hat-py Party. Fun times =).
The Bloggers of the 24Seven Hat-py Party. Photo courtesy to 24Seven.

So that’s 2009 for me. Good, neutral, bad, weird. Almost everything. 2010 will be a good year =).

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2 thoughts on “Eternal Sights; Spotted Mind: The Year in Perspective

  1. I met you once before at the 24Seven bloggers event, which lead me to invite you for the Big #BabaBlogout. World is small ya. Hope 2010 brings even more fun for you. 🙂

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