24Seven’s Blogger’s Hat-py Party

While everyone was busy thinking of the Countdown Party that was to happen the day after, we headed down to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) for 24Seven’s Blogger’s Hat-py Party! The entourage consisted of Avariel, Sarah Coldheart, Raven Silvers, Lysistarielle, Arrch and myself, all donned in hats the moment we changed in Raffles City Shopping Centre. Nice.

Even SAM agrees with our Hat theme.

Just to give a head’s up on what our hats of the day were, here’s a snapshot of us with 24Seven people Claudia and Diana:

From Left: Arrch, Moi!, Sarah, Claudia, Avariel, Diana, Lysistarielle, Raven. Photo courtesy of 24Seven

Arrch had headphones, I wore “Leopard PREENTS”, Sarah had her pink hair and fox hat, Claudia with her mini-hat, Avariel wore a Willy Wonka top hat, Diana had a lambie hat (I call it lambie because it sounds nicer than sheep), Lysistarielle with another mini-hat with veil and Raven was Mario for the day. There you guys go.

So upon registration, I met Ivy, wearing a stunning beret-like hat with jewel like ornaments on top =P. Mingling with the rest, I also met Jerrick Lim and Hisham from Tech65. And we had a ton of people asking to take pictures of Sarah because of her pink hair. That’s it! I’m getting a blue wig. Or a Gaga one, can’t decided just yet.

Myself and the leopard print cap. GAHHH.
The button badge we all had and the name tag we all got =)

Call it good timing, the moment we arrived, it was dinner time. Haha. With a huge spread catered, we all ate in the SAM courtyard, discussing everything from Avatar’s various pronunciation and how Notkieran will “ninja” his way up to the domed rooftop in an Assassin’s Creed setting.


With full stomachs, we head to the main hall where the party was being held. After Claudia’s speech, we had performances by local bands Black Diamonds Ninjas and Only After Coffee. Check ’em out, they’re pretty good. On to the games, it circulated mainly on the gallery which was situated towards the right side of the party hall. Being the crazy people we were, we started running before everything was announced. Oh well, just another day being us. HAH.

Since Avariel’s camera is a manual cam (meaning you have to develop the photos), Sarah’s a digital cam and mine has no GPRS/ Wi Fi whatsoever, only Lysistarielle, Arrch and Raven sent in their entries for the photo activities. If I had to send in something it would have been this picture:

Being a literary person, this third of a painting was to visualise a poem. The whole marriage between the literary and the visual aspects of this art does inspire.

For the rest of the exhibition, head down to Singapore Arts Museum. It has an entire gallery full of visual art inspired from the Philippines.

Heading back, we had our performances by the bands and the voting of crazy hats. Congrats to Feliza Ong on winning the Craziest Hat! And thank you for luckily drawing out my number for the Voter’s Prize! Haha. Then came the 13th to 11th lucky draw prizes  together with the Bingo Game. While everyone was calling numbers, I had two numbers left before Full House. Darn.

I take no responsibility if these aren’t lucky numbers.
My prize for voting for the Craziest Hat: NHB Limited Edition Notebook
Black Diamond Ninjas unplugged.
Only After Coffee.

Getting quite late into the night, the photo activity winners and the final 10 winners of the Lucky Draw were announced. Congrats to Lysistarielle and Sarah Coldheart on their various prizes! Prizes ranged from Sentosa vouchers to SingTel vouchers and the top prize, the Samsung Pixon 12…

Which I won.

Okay, you can scream now.

I went “HUH?!!” when my lucky draw number was announced.

It’s sleek, a touch screen phone, comes with a leather cover that’s just as cool as it is and get this, it holds a 12.1 MEGAPIXEL CAMERA. Specifically speaking, it runs like most Samsung touch screen phones (I know cuz a friend owns one) with loaded applications for you to access MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Friendster, Google, the Internet etc…

It’s quite quick to get used to and I speak as a person who has never used touch screen phones ever. Sliding panels are fun, that’s all I can say, though I did hope that it would have a stylus somewhere. That aside, I think what attracted me most to this phone was the camera and the huge screen. You can literally watch movies on the bus with that screen!

The camera on its own comes with and without flash. With its 12.1 Megapixel ability, pictures become sharper and more focussed, very useful for Museum Escapades and Adventure Photography =P.

That, of course, was a quick mini-review. Hence, for a more sophisticated, elaborate review, check out what the peeps at Tech65 had to say about the Pixon 12 here. Once again, thanks to Samsung SG and 24Seven for the great prize!

With that, I would just say that it was a heck of a great way to end the year 2009. With so many new events, new faces in my life, I cannot help but feel that something like that brought a bigger bang than any other countdown party that I have ever experienced.

Cheesiness aside now, I would end this entry off by saying this:

Photo courtesy of Raven Silvers.

Goodnight and have a fabulous 2010!

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5 thoughts on “24Seven’s Blogger’s Hat-py Party

  1. You have very good memory! Posted the exact events run down from that night! Great stuff you’d won! Hope it’s a sign of many more luck and fun for 2010!

    Congrats and have fun with Pixon 12! Great that you’re familiarizing quickly.

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