Regularity of Columns

So it’s been almost a year since this site, or rather, its contents have ventured into the blogosphere and the Internet. This site has seen updates, event covers, book bites, adventures, chronicles and I figured it’s pretty much time to organise them to let them have more regularity. So I’m listing the various columns and what they are going to feature in the future.

Book Bites

This is not only to give everyone a sneak peek into the current huge novel projects of the year, it’s also to keep my brain going on the project itself. Includes character interviews, plot peeks,  book blurbs and referential material from other books. This column would probably be every FRIDAY.

Joelyn Speaks: Events/ Food/ Places

This column comprises a heck of a lot of stuff that goes on during our individual adventures wherever and whenever, depending on what kind of adventure we head out to. This column would probably be every WEEKEND.

Museum Escapades

This column’s going to be an ad-hoc column for every museum I visit. I think I make it no secret that I love visiting exhibits of art and culture and stuff, especially when it has to do with modern contemporary, interior design, architecture or Greek classicism/ Hellenistic. Plus, I’d have to chalk up some perspective to continue improving in getting to know the perspectives of the curator. So I entertain readers and build self-interest. Win-win.

Script Frenzy/ NaNoWriMo Chronicles

Pretty much self explanatory. Though it won’t be an everyday thing, like I did for Script Frenzy and attempted to do for NaNoWriMo. Happens during April and November where the writing months are and the usual columns may or may not continue, I have yet to decide so stay tuned!

Righto, now that the columns are organised, it’s time for a retagging and a catch up on the posts I have yet to come up with. Stay tuned here.

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