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Museum Escapades: 365 possibilities @ SDC

Museum Escapades

When 24Seven called for bloggers to accept their invitation to an excursion of the 5th of December 2009, this is where we ended up:

Alighted at Joo Koon to meet up with 24Seven’s Claudia, together with Sarah Coldheart and Nerwen. Avariel came a little later together with some other bloggers who followed the walk to the Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC) itself. It was pretty funny though, how we were treading through drying mud from the previous night’s rain and stopping every now and then because there were bicycle tracks in the mud.

While having a discussion on whether it was the Singapore Discovery Centre or the Science Centre which had a huge fountain in the front, (It was in front of SDC, by the way) we walked our way up to the centre and was greeted by the rest of the bloggers, the team from 24Seven and our guide for the day, Johnston.

The last time I was at the SDC was a pretty good half a decade ago. Or maybe more. I knew it was during my secondary school days. Goodness has it changed since then. The Singapore with the photos of random people fixated onto the wall was already gone. Replaced by these three signs of Fire, Earth and Wind. (I don’t see Water, so erm… are we Water now?)

The next row was funnier. With these diamond signs showcasing our very own Singlish vocabulary with its English counterpart on this row at the bottom of the sign. If you ask me, there’s size symbolism here. Obviously whatever’s been said in Singlish has more impact that its English meaning. Woohooladeeda. By the way, we were kinda amused by this sign.

*darts eyes around*

The main gallery was something that stuck in my head loads. Mostly because of the golf ball thing that was hanging in the middle of the gallery. HAH. But we got up to a lot of nonsense with photos and stuff, Lina in the parks and I tried this crazy reporter thing in black & white which Sarah video-ed. (P/S – Head to Sarah Coldheart’s blog for the video)

Nerwen and the set up park.
The chair from which I reported from.

One note though, unless you’re immune to kids crying and bloody gore, I would suggest not to head into the Crisis Simulation. There’s a reason why kids below 7 or people with weak hearts or health problems can’t head into the simulation chamber. If we were going emo over the kids crying for their parents at the end of an explosion, I don’t see how people can walk out flawless.

That aside, the Battle Station Simulation directly outside the chamber was SUPER COOL. Pardon the sudden shift in mood.

So after that we went through many other exhibits, mostly about the 5 different aspects of Total Defence in Singapore (check with your Social Studies teacher about them if you can’t recall all 5) and not forgetting the mascot, Little George. A sheltered little innocent robot boy who doesn’t know the meaning of enemy. In a way it’s pretty cool to keep your head thinking like that.

We left the main building for a while to head to the special exhibit, the 365 SG Tidbits and the Paintball Arena which was to re-open the next day (6th Dec). SG Tidbits was pretty cool, with the four of us being helluva gungho with the obstacle course which was anything but obstacle (probably for kids to play, not us, HAH) and diving behind sandbags for shooting.

Yeah, we’re shooting behind sandbags. Photo credits to

By the way, I think people who have been to SDC would also remember the helicopter, which the four of us ran in immediately to take a picture. It’s crazy because we were probably the only enthusiastic ones who were the only crazy ones to try and do everything in that insane manner. But I guess that’s what defines us.

The 4D ride was pretty much something I have not rode on for the past million years or so. I used to be incredibly obsessed with motion simulation rides when I was younger so this was kinda like a blast from the past for me. And I think the fact that the ride was the same ride which I took for my first ever simulation ride made it more nostalgic.

Later on Johnston came in and said there were a few people in the room (guess who) who were totally crazy during the ride. HAH. Hence, the four of us were then labelled the “siao char bors” of the place. Nice catch. We were using that label for the entire day, by the way.

But before I leave you, I would like to end by stating something we realised in the paintball demo, pistol and rifle range:

Don’t mess with the HSWG girls. Ever. HAHA. Photo credits to

Thank you.

To read Avariel’s, Sarah Coldheart’s and Nerwen’s versions, click on their respective names to hear their take of that day.

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