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Book Bites: Actually, they turned 4.

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It was the last Write-In for NaNoWriMo. For those who won NaNoWriMo 2009, congratulations!!! Last Sunday (29th November 2009) was Books Actually’s 4th Anniversary. Hence, the five of us: Sarah Coldheart, Nerwen, Raven Silvers & Avariel headed down to Club St to have a look.

Books Actually had moved down to street from where they originally were (Ann Siang Hill) to Club Street, joining with their non-fiction counterpart, Polymath & Crust. First thing we noticed was this vertical cloth banner which stretched the entire left side of the door. And as we entered, we entered into the familiar smells of the wood and sights of retro-ness which we were so used to during the Writer’s Reading held in June.

Sarah Coldheart, Avariel & Raven Silvers

In the new building itself, the first level caters to Books Actually, a huge array of literature (fiction) and a few quirky knick-knacks around. I think my favourite random thing was the jenga blocks with printed words on either side of the blocks. I think Raven’s various was “Bacon Sauce” I think. HAHA.

The second level consisted of the Brocante, where books of literary criticism, art appreciation and all book related accessories and stationery were located. Apart from the whole breath taking experience with all the different hand made sketch books, notebooks and (OMGOSH!) Moleskines, there were a whole lot of other retro like things on sale and display.

Stairway to Literary Heaven
The Brocante and its accessories

Apart from all this wooden goodness, there were also accessories from our childhood. Chemistry stencil sets, wooden rulers, luminous paperweights, bookbinding “ice picks” and all that stuff. The third level, initially a photo gallery, is now Polymath and Crust. With a pretty much floor to ceiling shelf kind of feel. First thing I saw the moment I was up there with the girls:

Nice. I think Farah would loveee this.

At this moment, there were already countless amount of times that the rest of the gang wanted to kill me. That was because Books Actually didn’t have Chuck Palahniuk’s “Survivor” in stock and I was terrorizing the hell out of the rest of them showing them stuff they would wanna have but can’t because of a budget. HAH.

In the end, we ended up getting notebooks after notebooks because of all the stuff we’ll be writing. Which kinda reminds me that I have to start organising my notebooks quickly and throw out the ones which really have nothing but assessment book answers in them. Gosh.

After that was a dinner adventure with Raven and Avariel, while Nerwen and Sarah went home. We ended up going to Chinatown, walking around for a bit before settling down at Central’s Subway for dinner. HAH. Here was the haul for that day. Sweet.

A lucky draw quote ticket and Una’s journal. I’m happy with my haul.

I gotta go back again. Books Actually’s Writers Fringe is on until the 31st of December, so go down to 86 Club Street and have a look!

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