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Museum Escapades: 8Q and its quirks

Museum Escapades

By demand of Mr. Andrew Loy, the 5th Andrew, here are the pics from Thursday’s (Day #12) fun stuff at 8Q, Singapore Arts Museum. Photo credits go to Jimmy. =)

Cheryl told me it looks like a really good cocktail. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Ho.

So I went to 8Q again. But instead of just two exhibitions, I ended up going to all four because well, we (Jimmy & Sarima) had time. HAH. Would have been more fun with 1 or 2 other people but I think it would also end up losing a bit of impact from these exhibits.

To give a brief rundown on what the exhibition was about, it’s showcasing the works in 4 exhibits, each by a participant of the President’s Young Talents 2009: Twardzik Ching Chor Leng, Donna Ong, Felicia Low and Vertical Submarine.

And yes, I found out why the place was named 8Q after rounds of asking, “Why 8Q?” It’s because it’s located at 8 Queen St. So you can pretty much figure it out from there.

So while Jimmy, Sarima and I were going towards the courtyard/ foyer/ atrium place, we saw the installation of fish tanks which was 1 part of another exhibit. And it started raining. Quote Jimmy, “I hope you didn’t bring us to just look at this.”

By the way, entrance rate is free if you go between 10 to 2 pm (on weekdays. I think) so there’s something to do during the morning.

So the first exhibit we went to consisted of nothing but a table, a lamp, a couple of chairs, a makeshift stairway and the tube of river water as shown as above (By Twardzik Ching Chor Leng). Apparently the water was piped from the Singapore River, stored in this room and can be used to control the water levels of the tanks at the courtyard. Genius? Pretty much. Concept-wise? I would say to each his own. Jimmy thought the room was a bit creepy. I was expecting Wolverine to hang in that tube.

Into nothingness. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Ho.

I swear we could actually film some alternate reality/ parallel universe movie in 8Q’s exhibits. The above is a showcase of the gallery presenting the works of Donna Ong. Basically it was minimalist main gallery with two dark entrances on both sides of the gallery. Very Twilight Zone (NO, NOT VAMPIRES!).

But if you were to ask me, I still think Vertical Submarine’s exhibit ensemble of Decomposition I & II and A View with a Room takes the cake. Don’t believe me? Check this out:

No, there’s no photoshop. Photo courtesy of Jimmy Ho.

This was just one part of the few under the exhibition done by Vertical Submarine. But it was by far, the most interesting, provocative one I have seen so far. Not that I’ve seen many exhibitions but I’m sure you know what I mean. By the way, it was a coincidence that Jimmy wore grey. He should try being a volunteer in the exhibition and check out for the reactions of the people. HAH.

The escapade and stuff ended up with a 3-4 hour sitting/ chatting session as we waited out the rain in the main gallery. Amusing but I was glad (and relieved!!!) that Sarima and Jimmy liked the exhibition. Or it would’ve been my head. HAH.

The President’s Young Talents 2009 exhibitions go on until 27 December 2009. For more information, check them out here.

Another bright note, MY MOO CARDS HAVE ARRIVED!!!

The felt holder and the name card designs. All on Wena’s Biophilia Omnibus.

Nice. I can now give out name cards in peace. HAHA.

P/S – I am currently in a malade state of mind. So forgive me if the posts are late and stuff. I need to get well soon so I’m sleeping at oddly early hours now. Ciao!

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