Nanowrimo Chronicles

NaNoWriMo Kick-Off 2009

22 hours or so into the National Novel Writing Month of 2009 official starting date.

But before I start on my NaNoLand Chronicles, let me just thank the following people for making the Kick-Off a super happy fun time =)

Rozen, Sarah Coldheart, Nerwen, Raven Silvers, Notkieran, Ziyang, Kiaace, Wena, Sarima, Farah, Ain, Cheryl, Jimmy, Reza, Diana, Fagan, YiHui, The NaNoWriMo people for this year, The Organisers for the Singapore Writer’s Festival, The Staff of the National Arts Council, The People at Earshot & The Arts House and all the others who came to support us in the NaNoWriMo Kick-Off this year!

Man, that’s a lot of linking. HAH.

Today in a word: Awesome.

Today in many words:

The HSWG people were there about a half an hour or so before the event really happened but oh my gosh, it was already relatively crowded. Nerwen was already packing the bags and Rozen and Notkieran were already there with the books.

So the signing in and stuff came along and soon enough, we were having an influx of people. Either sitting down waiting for the stuff to start or lining up for the round robin (Completing the next sentence with 15 or so words). Nerwen’s probably gonna upload the result on the forums soon.

The programme started with Sarah and Raven (our MLs) introducing the programme of NaNoWriMo and the launch of our “Happiness at the End of the World”. Mostly quizzes and games for the happy people, congrats to the people who won =).

Cake came as a huge boat, mostly with reference to the other novel we’re set to launch, Bubble G.U.M. (ooo… sneak peek). But other than that, it was mostly people buying books and signing and stuff. Thanks to Kiaace and Ziyang for signing the books!

Anyways, thanks to the peeps who came and bought the book =), Bubble G.U.M. should be out soon enough. Means a lot to me.

P/S – The shift to Joelyn Alexandra’s new WordPress is still in the process. Thanks people for all the support =)

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