Muse Moment

Muse Moment: Heroes & Heroines

Muse Moment


While darkness engulfs,
We do nothing more
Than just sit and wish
That we’d have them like before…

We see them in comics,
TV, Movies and all that jazz
But to think in reality
It just loses all its pizazz…

We wait, we see
We lay back
We stay, we flee
We end up all slack…

People complain, people fantasise,
Until someone stands up and says they were told:

“Be the miracle, Be the hero.”

~ Raven Azure

This is actually 3 to 4 days late depending on where you are. National Poetry Day was declared on 9th October 2009 (Thursday) with the theme: “Heroes & Heroines”. But because I was bogged down with a job and school, I never really got to completing this until now.

So to put it in a few words, the last line of this poem is pretty much its meaning. I won’t say much because Literature is anything that relates to you, touches you and makes you feel. If this does inject meaning into you, I’d say, “Great.”

For more information on National Poetry Day, head to The Poetry Society.

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