The Tale of Two Films

Let me start off by saying that I’m very distracted.

I turned 21 yesterday but that’s not the focus here.

So before I get distracted again, let’s just plunge into the post. The Tale of Two Films, started like this:

I went to the Opening Films of the Singapore Short Film Festival about two Saturdays ago with Reza. Or so. Started by rushing down to Substation only to realise that he was late himself. Pfft. No matter. We were late for the film by Aware, done mostly about the rise of stronger, more independent women in Singapore (DAMMIT). But we were just in time for a collection of 5 short films done by a group of Indonesian directors.

Film mostly dealt with the discrimination that women in Indonesia face, featuring issues like Female Circumcision, Gynecology and its prejudice against single women who want to go for pap smear tests (apparently only married women are allowed to conduct pap smears without problems), the Sex trade used by women to make ends meet and stuff.

Personally speaking, I’ve seen my fair share of the discrimination against females in general and these films just showcase the tip of the iceberg of what’s happening. A phrase said in one of the short films rings entirely true to me:

Women here are never considered independent. When they are single, they are still considered under the wings of their parents.

Makes me want to go all activism like for women’s rights and stuff.

Now that Film(s) Part One is settled, here’s its glamorous counterpart:

This movie rocks. If you want to sum it up in three words.

Won a pair of gala premiere tickets for Fame (2009) the movie from 987fm. The premiere was at The Cathay, 24th September. If you want to look at it in a certain way, that’s kinda like Part 2 of my birthday present to myself. Hee.

I went with Val. We got our tickets late and stuff and ended up sitting right in front but no matter. We saw the Singapore Idol Top 12 Finalists signing the board as well. Ended up texting a friend because her brother was in Top 12 (*coughs*Faizal*coughs*), was supposed to say hi but didn’t get the chance to. Next time yeah?

Like most gala premieres at The Cathay, it started off with some form of performance. Like Fame, the pre-movie performance was a dance medley, featuring the Fame OST and Jitterbugs Swingapore.

As a performance spectator, they were actually really good.

As a person sitting right in front, I was worried they’d kicked me in the face.

I won’t go into details about how the movie went because I don’t want to spoil anything. Again, I stick to my three words: The movie rocked! Oh, but if you were to ask me who I loved the most in the movie, I’d say Kherington Payne, hands down. Quite a pity she didn’t get more screen time, there are 10 leads of “Fame” after all.

Anyways, thanks to 987fm for the opportunity to catch the gala premiere (I won a contest and got the tickets) and for these cool enough freebies:

So now, there are two things on my mind to actually do:

1) Finish this post.
2) Get the “Fame” OST.

For a sneak peek into the movie itself, check out the Fame website. Or click here.

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