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Book Bites: Code: Voyance

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Before I do a bit of posting on the SSFF (Singapore Short Film Fest) which I went to on Saturday (late, I know), I’m going to take a bit of time to give you a sneak peek about one of the books which the Happy Smiley Writers are launching this Halloween (apt, and to those who don’t know: 31st October 2009) at the Earshot Cafe at The Arts House.

Happiness at the End of the World

A collection of short stories that anticipate the end of the world and the newfound happiness that each story finds with it.

The Happy Smiley Writers Group and a few other NaNoWriMo writers have come together to put this anthology for you guys, bearing views from different people, different scenarios, different conspiracies. So I’m here today to give a little glimpse on my own story.

Code: Voyance

Two decades. She has been orbiting around the galaxy for two decades.

When the End came, Claire Voyance could barely make out what was really happening. Merely following the rush to survive, leaving the planet in its entirety, Claire has met power struggles, political battles, social wars and a plague within her young life.

Now alone in orbit with her only companion, her pet dog, Claire receives a weird message from Earth itself. Giving her new hope within her monotonous, pointless way of life, Claire has to battle the dominating nature of the time’s technologies and get everyone back home.

So that’s pretty much the summary of it. You can read the rest of Code: Voyance together with other stories by the Happy Smiley Writers and the NaNoWriMo-ers in Happiness at the End of the World.

Launching soon during the Singapore Writers’ Festival ’09!

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