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Book Bites: Because Entertainment is not a Frivolous goal

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I thank Wena for that line. HAHA. Thus, this blog entry.

When I finally find time to catch up on stuff and write and other things, I get the feeling that I’m going to fall sick. Not a good sign. But I was thinking that I should come up with something entertaining (at least to me) for the fun of it and post it up here because well, it’s relevant.


1. Survivor (Chuck Palahniuk)

Nothing I have read so far beats the substance of this piece o’ work. The reversing chapter numbers, the cutting scenes and the details you’d probably think you wouldn’t want to know on the outset. This is not just shock fiction or alternative fiction, it plays with your head. The fact that the story ends without proper closure without sequel just sums up the whole psychologically toying aspect of it. It involves you with its first person, keeps you guessing with the darting scenes and brings you into the situation with satires of today’s commercialism. I almost feel sorry for Adam Branson

2. The Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd)

After reading my mini review for the first book, I would think that it is no surprise that I like reading issue stuff (as long as it’s not physical war). The Secret Life of Bees captures the essence of the 1950s – 1960s racism issue in the USA. The fact that it comes from a Caucasian writer writing in a point of view that glorifies the value of other races has garnered great respect from me for the story and the writer. I have not watched the movie just yet but according to what I hear, it follows the book quite closely. I look forward to it.

3. The Women’s Murder Club Series (James Patterson)

I’m a crime-fi/ art-fi/ spy-fi/ historical-fi writer. I thrive on conflict, if you speak professionally. There are loads of books that cover those topics extensively but I would definitely point my favourite to be James Patterson’s WMC. Switching between first and third person, you know that it’s Lindsay Boxer’s story, her cases, her rules. Pretty similar to what I kind of set out Lady Una to be. The only difference is the fact that Lady Una is probably not the most reliable person to go to when you’re on the other side of the law. But if you ask me, I could relate to Lindsay Boxer. And I wrote a self Mary Sue for Lady Una (That’s giving it away, ain’t it?)

4. Biophilia (Wena Poon)

LOCAL WRITER!!!  Or at least a diaspora writer. She’s not just any Singaporean writer, she writes Sci Fi/ Fantasy that actually does make perfect politically incorrect (a.k.a. real) sense. Forget the fact that animals can’t talk or operate things like humans do and live on Planet Nagy and not Earth, the fact is that the stuff that happens in there happens along the contexts of what Fantasy/ Sci Fi is supposed to be like. Huge change from all that misery stuff and ghost stories that I’m absolutely sick about. Thank you.

5. Tales of Amanda & Saffy Series (Jason Hahn)

Another local writer, I know. But I think it’s only because I’ve been reading his “First Person” columns since it came out in 8 Days. Or as long as I can remember. When the two books actually came out, I was like, “WOOHOO!!!” I’m not exactly a big fan of Amanda and Saffy’s characters in the books but it seriously casts somewhat of a third person perspective when you end up meeting people like the two. And I can tell you, it’s helluva funny. One thing: It’s probably the only Chic Lit that I’ll end up reading and sitting through the entire thing without going, “WHAT THE HELL?!”

So there you go, the Top 5 reads for me so far. I’ve actually got a Top 5 Wanna Reads but I think that’ll cover another day’s blog post. Headache from strain. Gotta go.

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3 thoughts on “Book Bites: Because Entertainment is not a Frivolous goal

  1. I’ve bought Jason Hahn’s book from Kino before, but that was some time ago. Might want to check their database first. (Plus, if you’re a member, it’s cheaper than Popular)

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