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Book Bites: Happy Smiley Writers’ Group Update #6

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Location: Geek Terminal
Day: 13th June 2009, Saturday
Time: 2 pm – 4.30 or so pm
Who was there: The gang + Reporter & Photographer from TODAY

Yes, we got interviewed and photographed by the people of the local TODAY newspaper. Mostly about our updates and stuff regarding our involvement in the Singapore Writers’ Festival 2009 and what our group is mostly about (Current projects, our challenges, our goals bla bla bla). It was weird giving real names instead of pen names though. Oh wells, quote Sarah (Coldheart), “There will be others.”

I was just bummed that I couldn’t use my “famous” line, “All written work is Literature.” Dang. HAHA.

Back to the main discussion of the meeting, I am actually quite glad that we’ve decided to call for this “go between” meeting before the official date (3rd Saturday of the month), because I really wouldn’t want to wait on something that was due relatively fast and that was really important to us.

The meeting actually started with random ramblings about DS Lites and games. Notkieran came in his usual black garb (thankfully) and it was then when I found out his new nickname (“Ninja Physics Professor” ???!!).

It was syrup for his coffee, by the way.

Got feedback and stuff on what we’ve written so far for the project. Got our anthology deadline pushed back to July (Phew) and the Chapt books got pulled back as well. But everything revolved mainly around the big thing we’re doing for the Writers’ Fest and whatever nonsense and funny ideas that came from that. (To HSWG: The punishment board is still tempting me).

While leaving, I was saying how someone could write a comic book/ graphic novel/ story based on us and Notkieran can be the real Ninja Physics Professor. Everyone laughed.

We departed early, Raven Silvers and Nerwen had to go to the IT Fair. Notkieran had to go feed the baby and Sarah and I had to go snap pictures at a supposed Flash Mob. But that’s another story.

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