Muse Moment

Muse Moment: The Night at the Annex

Muse Moment

Sounds Shakespearish for some reason, the title.

And I smell people burning paper money. Cripes.

Right, unlike the previous event, I didn’t take any pictures. For one, my phone camera sucks and two, I need a digital camera. Or better still, a video camera so that I don’t have to write out all my blogs when my fingers don’t feel like typing. That being said, I still look like crap. Oh wells.

Okay, I keep getting sidetracked I have to get back to the topic straight to avoid getting derailed once more. So here’s the gist:

Who? Musical Theatre Limited
Where? The Hall, The Arts House, Annex Building
When? 5th June 2009, 6.30 pm to 9 pm

First thing’s first, we got lost. Val and I. Val was there for ArtZine, this Art E-Zine which she owns and I was there as umm… me? When I go to these events with Val it’s officially for ArtZine but my namecard calls me Freelancer so sometimes it’s a bit funny. But ArtZine’s a great avenue for reviews and upcoming arts events so go click on the link and check it out.

And due to the fact that I do not have any pictures whatsoever, this is what the place looked like, in prose/ descriptive fiction form:

It was a standalone. An island. A building separated from its main counterpart, it was no wonder people just conveniently stroll past, not giving much heed to it. The fact that it’s exterior was identical to the main building hardly gave any link to people who spent more time rushing past instead of stopping for a glance. Like how people tend to rush for their destination without pondering about the stuff they miss on the way.

The Annex Building stood there, a short distance away from the much known Arts House, aloof. But upon entering its quaint presence, the mood shifted instantly. To be honest, there was nothing much of great interest if you were one who expects many things to go blasting in your face but the grandeur in the atmosphere that gave this small (but select) area was impeccable.

The flight of stairs that stood, welcoming, almost beckoning the likes of the two of us to ascend. The deep purple walls gave the interior an almost regal feel, the hanging chandelier lights complimenting the scene. The second level exuded an aura which consisted of a mixture both class and conversely, homeliness. It was classy, with The Hall, as they call it, had Ionic order column like decorations dotted along the walls, closing in a cozy gathered setting with a bar in the central area and a stage directly opposite, balancing the entire room out. The walls could be said to be self decorated, with opalescent glass-like frames surrounding mirrors. Upholstered seats peppered around the carpeted floor.

It used to be a courtroom, we were told. No wonder.

I highly doubt if that passage hardly did the real deal any justice but no matter. I figured that if you still came here, you’d probably want to read ramblings rather than see blurred, low resolution photographs from my phone. Pathetic quality, really.

So after the signing in an stuff, we pushed ourselves through the oesophagal like passageways in the room (it was a little small for that many people), Val and I took our seats. Entertainment consisted of a really short experimental musical by Musical Theatre Limited (MTL) and 2 song collections (By Matthew Quek and Leslie Tay, respectively). And can I just say that I miss Musical Vocals? It reminded me that it has been this long since I went to a good musical. Crap. If only I wasn’t so broke. HAH.

The mingling time was probably had me thinking a bit more, mostly due to the whole “how do you convert this to a literary adventure?” thing going on in my head. Talked with Desmond Moey, the Managing Director of MTL. Explaining that MTL was a theatre development company, not so much of a production. And while he was explaining the wheels in my head started turning. Novelists need something like this too. I realised. When we’re too brain dead to continue with whatever’s running on our pages. Met Stella Kon, local writer as well, Chairperson of MTL.

So now before I let you off to do your own stuff, I just wanted to blog about this last line just for Val’s sake. HAHA.

“If there were two things I had to do before everything fell apart, it would be to listen to Leslie Tay sing and Wena Poon read again,”

There you go.

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