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Book Bites: The Attack of the Local Readings

Book Bitse

Who: Wena Poon, Alvin Pang, Suchen Christine Lim, Madeleine Lim, Pooja Nansi
Where: Polymath & Crust, 86 Club Street
When: 3rd June 2009, 7.30 pm onwards

While I am done doing all the watermarking of the pictures, I’m kinda deciding what to write here and to be honest, I don’t know what to actually write to do the pictures justice. Crap. So here’s a random picture of camwhoring just to start it off.

Okay, now to business. Went to Polymath & Crust with the rest of the HSWG sans Notkieran and Rozen and together with Val. For those who know or do not know, Polymath & Crust is another independent bookstore under Books Actually and it’s somewhat like Books Actually’s Non-Fiction counterpart. Pretty cool and rustic. Loved it.

So Alvin started off introducing the writers for the night, the five of us (Myself, Val, Sarah, Nerwen & Raven Silvers) stood at the side shelves near the counter, where the ice pick looking book binder tools were (which looked delectably lethal in that literarily funny way) and then, the magic started. Not in that way, I’m sorry.

I gotta stop here for a moment because Christine did a reading on a story she said to have written for a friend. Going through it, I found that it really touched me, in the perspective of a child learning gratefulness and realisation of her mothers’ (2 ah ma jies) hard work raising her only in her later years. It was something relatable and while I put down the fact that I’m not a fan of locally set (or highly locally influenced) fiction, the reading touched me. I didn’t tear though, it just sent me into a real pensieve mode.

I laughed the most here. Alvin read 2 stories, 2 empirical stories about his family history. Both hilarious and light hearted mostly because I could relate as well. Then, later on, Alvin introduced the Mystery Guest for the session: Pooja Nansi.

Now, if you like Poetry Slam, you’ll love Pooja Nansi. Her readings consisted of 2 poems, 1 by Alvin and 1 by herself. Both are, so to speak, as they labeled, hot, dirty poems. As the 1st poem progressed, I was standing behind Nerwen and Sarah. I could see the wheels turning in everyone’s heads. Sarah was seemingly holding her laughter until the end, when she let out an almost choked, “Oh my” before everyone breaking into laughter.

The event concluded with groups buying books and stuff, talking to everyone and anyone, getting contacts and taking pictures. The three HSWGers got autographs from Christine.

We ended up waiting here and there for Wena for our personal Biophilia session. Talking about how cute the animals are and Wena asking for feedback for the books and what should be done for the two main characters. Picture wise, we got a group pic which I still gotta hunt for. Cripes.


The HSWG girls with Wena. Credit: Raven Silvers
The HSWG girls with Wena. Credit: Raven Silvers

And now, I feel like a writer again. Or rather, I feel happy telling people I’m a writer in all it’s splendour and glory. No matter how far it really is. HAH!

P/S – We really hope it turns to Book “Club Street”. I need a new place to hang out.

P/P/S – Here are Raven Silvers’ and Sarah’s takes on it.

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