Golden Point Award 2009 Preview

I signed up for it today. So I’m $16.00 poorer. HAH. And because of competition rules and regulations, I can’t post any glimpse of the story which I submitted here. BUT I can say that it’s a short story. So there’s the category to look out for.

At the moment though, am trying to complete my anthology sci fi short story and my part of another project with the HSWG. So I’m busy as heck on top of school. However, I will be heading to Wena Poon’s Meet and Greet with Raven Silvers and Sarah Coldheart this Friday. Coolios. I haven’t been to one of these things in ages.

To get more information on the Golden Point Award 2009, click here. Closing date’s 29th May 2009!

Event update coming up soon!

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