Blogger’s Lounge @ The Sail by 24Seven

Before I start, I would actually like to say that I’m not really bothered to frame my photographs nicely anymore because I realise they look just as nice with just the watermark. In other words, they’ll probably say that I’m lazy. Whatever the case, here goes.

So Sarah got this invitation to this Bloggers’ Lounge, a very casual, light kinda function organised by 24Seven, you can go check ’em out on that link there. They’re this social media organisation who does connections between bloggers and brands or something like that. That’s the gist of it.

Well then, on to the business of this post. First thing’s first, Sarah and I got lost on our way there. As usual. HAHA! Even though there was a map and instructions, it was that turn that just set us off. Cripes. I should walk around the Raffles Place/ Tanjong Pagar area more often. Buildings that look the same in every direction is not very good for a person with hardly any sense of direction. But oh wells, we finally made it to The Sail @ Marina Bay and the thing was at the 44th floor.

So going in we were given some sticker tags to write our names (real or screen names, either one). Did I mention that the huge screen was there the moment we entered? The guy who’s trying it out is Hisham from Tech65.org. A group of guys focussing mainly on new technological gadgets and stuff. You can check them out here. Met Claudia from Claudia.sg as well. But since Sarah and I were thirsty as mad, the buffet line didn’t stand there for too long.

And it’s probably one of the first buffet receptions where I went to that has Pizza. HAHA. Sarpino’s no doubt. Great choice! So here’s my plate of “towering food”. I think.

I am such a pizza freak. Ugh. Either that or I was really hungry. Nah, I just take enough so that I don’t starve or don’t explode. Gosh. After food was the usual mingle around. That or camwhoring here and there. We saw a tennis court and swimming pool from the buffet line!

But to be incredibly honest, the highlight of that night were the monopoly card game we had and something Sarah did later on. Goodness the monopoly card game pretty much reminded me about how broke I was. Cripes.

We only played one round because that was all we could manage. HAHAHAHAHA!!! I would have played like 72 rounds if it was Adversity or something. Games sponsored by DeCoders’ Cafe.

Overall speaking, it was pretty fun, meeting other bloggers and non-bloggers (Hi Geraldine!) and all the funny stuff that we talk about. Sarah and I left at about 9pm, kind of like the time stipulated on the invitation. But still, pretty cool, can’t wait to see what’s next from them.

Kinda seem to let the pictures talk in this one!

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One thought on “Blogger’s Lounge @ The Sail by 24Seven

  1. Hi Joelyn!

    Nice meeting you at 24seven lounge. Hope to see you at our future events too. We will be keeping in touch again soon.

    Keep on sharing and blogging!

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