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Happy Smiley Writers Group Update #4

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Date: 18th April 2009
Time: 2 – 5 pm
Location: Geek Terminal
Attendance: Sarah, Nerwen, Notkieran, Raven Silvers, Raven Azure

What more can I say apart from what I said on Script Frenzy Chronicles Day #18? This is just a post Script Frenzy, detailed update of the mayhem that went through during the 3rd Saturday of last month’s doings. Maybe I’ll just do an list of what happened, just for the fun of it. And because I’m weird like that.

1. This meeting should be named Puns Unlimited. HAHA. I was the last person a few minutes shy of Sarah’s arrival. The moment I got in, someone was already talking about teabagging. What the hell. Which later erupted into another whole somewhat soft X-rate conversation of other related puns. Oh wells. Everyone had a good laugh. I thank goodness that no one had ginger ale, tea or cranberry juice stuck up their nose.

2. Notkieran kept screwing up my socket (No pun intended). Either he kicked it (they’re all planted on the floor wirings see) or we had to move and he ended up screwing the connection process. Not his day.

3. *holds a faux piece of wood at a podium* I thank all the great people who have made this possible. Nah, I’m just kidding. But seriously, I thank the peeps that day for all the ideas for the final scenes of my script for Script Frenzy. You guys ROCK. I know everyone loves Master Bling. HAHA.

4. GT changed their menu. No more Calamaris. =(. Might as well, both myself and my wallet are on a diet. Soups are wayyyy better. If they’re still around. We all thought it was April Fools though, since they changed their menu on the 1st of April. Cripes!

5. I know it might be a bit too early or preppy to act like that, but I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO SINGAPORE WRITERS’ FEST 2009!!! Our secret project HAS to pull through. Because I’m bummed about my own =(. And looking to see if I can do something with Arrow Books instead (James Patterson’s publishing house)… I WISH!

On the side note, I went to the Script Frenzy Wrap Up yesterday. Was about to head to Raffles Place Geek Terminal when Raven Silvers called and said that Geek Terminal was closed. Ended up going to Plaza Sing Starbucks instead. I swear I walked off my lunch and more during that walk from City Hall MRT to NLB to Plaza Sing and then back again after that.

Only two of us were there. HAHA. Ended up talking mostly about what’s happening back at her school and my ex-school. Bitching about everything within reach and gain some insight on that anthology which I ended up almost killing myself trying to find here, “So You Think You Can Write A Novel?” Seriously, after listening to that, I came up with that Arrow Books unfunny joke. You get the gist.

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2 thoughts on “Happy Smiley Writers Group Update #4

  1. Hi, I’m keen to learn more about the HSWG. I blog about writers groups in Singapore 🙂
    I’d love to do a post on the group.

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