Nanowrimo Chronicles

Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #28

I’m on a roll!!! Writing out the execution of the Dud Plan now, excerpts coming soon, I PROMISE!!!

At the moment, I’m trying my hardest to fight back body itches and stuff while thinking of ways to flush out all my damn toxins while writing out the execution of the Dud Plan. Meanwhile, I’m going back for some kind of a second interview on Monday. THANK GOODNESS. Thank goodness it’s after Script Frenzy. And Praise God, because I’m safe from having to argue over time for HSWG meetings.

Another update today would be this: What is with people and James Patterson’s “7th Heaven”?! Seriously. Every time I try to find it in a library, it’s unavailable. I had no problems with the 1st 6 books, what’s up with this one?! Anyway, found 2 other authors, Lisa Jackson and Jack Harvey. Will end up checking em out after “8th Confession”. If I decide to buy it.

Statistically Speaking, Lady Una stands at 94/100 pages.

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