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Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #22

WordPress’ “New Post” page looks weird. Has been for the past 2 days. Maybe it’s some maintainence thing. As long as my posts don’t come out screwy/ funny, I’m okay. Still filling in the filling here. And thinking of the whole details of the Dud/ Main plan of things. The HSWG secret project thing for the Writers’ Fest is still in the process, so in short, we’re writing our asses away. Sometimes I wish I really get paid to do stuff like that. I’m broke as hell.

On the outset for today, it was quite hectic, as I thought. I picture myself being assed broke in the coming months so I decided to keep to maximum hunger satisfaction with minimum finances. Snack stands like Old Chang Kee, Polar and A1 Curry Puff, be happy. Or bagel carrying outlets like Coffee Bean, Starbucks & McCafe, you guys can be happy too. That is, if there’s an uncrowded food court nearby. HAH.

Gosh I need to get a job soon. Can the organisation I emailed weeks ago PLEASE CALL ME?! YOUR ACTION IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED, THANK YOU.

Did I mention that I finished the entire “6th Target” by James Patterson after I borrowed it today? Probably talk about his Women’s Murder Club Series (which I love reading =)) tomorrow.

Statistically speaking, Lady Una stands at 80/100 pages.

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