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Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #21

I am scrambling on Powerpoint, trying to create an organisational relationship chart for the main people in Lady Una but before I actually show it here, let me just introduce them briefly so that people will know what it’s all about.

The characters a split mainly into: Mafia Organisation, Sub Rosa (vigilante force), Justice Department

Mafia Organisation

  • Kingpin Keefe Laroche: Kingpin of the Mafia Organisation. Dying of Lung Infection.
  • Lady Una/ Resonance Laroche-Yang: Ringleader of Counterfeit & Fraud. Gallery Owner, Laroche’s goddaughter.
  • Tobacco/ Randolph Marcos: Ringleader of Contraband. Kingpin’s right hand & Una’s godbrother.
  • Headhunter/ Reinald Starvas: Ringleader of Assassination. Oldest Ringleader next to Kingpin.
  • Master Bling/ Davyd Starvas: Ringleader of Casinos. Headhunter’s son.
  • Watson/ Wayne Connors: Druglord Ringleader. Una’s arch rival, Harold Connors’ son, Seth Connors’ brother.

Sub Rosa

  • Associate Professor Thomas Shank: Head of Criminology in Justice Dept (J.D.). Founder of Sub Rosa.
  • Commissioner Seth Connors: Commissioner of Investigative Dept (J.D.). Shank’s right hand, Watson’s older brother, Resonance’s on-and-off.
  • A.D.A. Nadine Abraham: Asst. District Attorney of the Courts. Resonance’s best friend of 15 years.
  • Officer Shayne Chester: Scientist Officer of the Forensic Dept (J.D.). Nadine’s boyfriend.

Justice Department

  • High Commissioner Harold Connors: High Commissioner of the J.D. Corrupt official. Thomas Shank’s rival, father of Seth & Wayne Connors.

That’s the brief rundown of things. As we know Lady Una’s something about the Mafia Organisation vs. the Justice Department. So knicks and knacks here and there make the story more interesting. The Organisational Relationship chart should be up soon.

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Statistically speaking, Lady Una stands at 79/100 pages.

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