Nanowrimo Chronicles

Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #20

Reading Mintea’s work from our project at the moment. I managed to finally jump a few pages and get the filling bits in. I probably only have about a week and a half to finish it. So the filling has to be done by this week, do or die. And the dud plan, main plan AND the cohesive glue to make it something good. So right now, I’m going to give some kind of a non-spoiler take on what Sub Rosa is about:

We do it Sub Rosa…
… and we’re your public enemy

Enter Metropolis. A technologically advanced, comfort living, eco-friendly, socially independent Utopia for the modern people. While the people enjoyed life mostly there, the streets were still plagued with the never ending society war between the Justice Department and the Mafia Organisation.

Raised with the alias of Lady Una, Resonance Laroche-Yang, goddaughter of the Mafia Kingpin himself, finds herself in pressing times. Having to face a wilting guardian and the male dominated Ring of Mafia Leaders, Laroche-Yang struggles to emanate calm and order. But when an Investigative Officer goes missing on Mafia territory, she and godbrother Randolph Marcos finds incriminating evidence that could very well implicate the big shots in the Department.

Involving herself on a reformative route against where she was raised, Laroche-Yang delves deeper into the case and finds out the real reason behind the Organisation’s infighting.

Not the most perfect of Book back summaries but it’ll do for the moment. Explains the gist of things without inducing spoilers so I’m thankful. However, I do welcome comments and enquiries so if you do have comments or questions, drop a comment or email me at (or check the contact page).

Statistically speaking, Lady Una stands at 74/ 100 pages.

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