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Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #15

Blog viewership has been stagnant for a while. No matter. I’m not writing huge stuff so far so it doesn’t really matter.

It’s halfway through Script Frenzy and I’m happy that I’m done with the Doughnut shell for the Doughnut Filling writing technique to take place. It’s like how the Ocean’s series was probably planned. The beginning, the ending, the main events and then the details of things.

I’m just comforting myself with the fact that well, in most instances in life, you don’t do things from the ultimate scratch. You have to establish the environment of things first. Kind of like how you have to fry the doughnuts before filling them, hence Doughnut Filling technique.

Sidenote, just read NotKieran‘s section for the  Singapore Writers Festival Sci Fi Round Robin. It’s getting interesting and no, not revealing anything here just yet. Not until we’re confirmed for the Singapore Writers Festival at least =).

Statistically speaking, Lady Una stands at 60/100 pages.

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