Nanowrimo Chronicles

Script Frenzy Chronicles 2009: Day #10

Happy Good Friday to the people celebrating! I was semi-celebrating, kinda. Having had Vigil yesterday. Now I’m here trying to catch up on yesterday’s numbers and sit-dancing to “Poker Face”. Not a sight to be seen. Har di har.

That aside, I’m pleased to say that I’m done with “Lady Una”, Sample #1!!

This is pretty much a teaser of the depth which the Script is going to entail. Pretty much the appetiser after the aperitif, which I gave in a form of a totally stripped down equation. So this is something you can look forward to, kinda gives a gist of what the novel itself is about as well:


WAYNE (O.S.): Best watch your hands, Deputy.

RESONANCE and SETH turn, WAYNE CONNORS revealing himself from the corner.

RESONANCE: (breathing heavily & under her breath) Watson!

WAYNE dangles LAROCHE’s keys.

WAYNE: I suppose you’re looking for these.

RESONANCE holds onto her handgun and charges forward.
SETH stops her.

WAYNE (CONT’D): You really are a moron, aren’t you?

SETH: Drop it, Wayne!

WAYNE: Do you have any idea who you’re holding?

SETH: Drop it, Wayne!

RESONANCE: (struggling against SETH) Stay out of this, Deputy!

WAYNE: Yeah, stay out of Mafia business, Deputy.

SETH: Drop it, Wayne and get the damn out of here!

WAYNE: Moron.

WAYNE detonates another bomb.
SETH takes RESONANCE in his arms to shield her from the explosion.”


First thing that you’ve got to realise, this is just a teaser, so nothing too revealing just yet. Second thing, it’s a script I’m writing, not a prose novel yet, so everything’s in script form so the people can just imagine how it’s like in image form. Third, if you really do have any feedback or queries, you can just drop a comment here or email me at

So there you go. More soon, especially when I’m pretty much done with the whole plan of things.

Statistically speaking, Lady Una stands at 41/100 pages.

Have fun, have a great Easter weekend and I’ll see you all =).

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